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LIFESTYLE: Top Tips for a Great Night Time Routine

I know I've touched upon this in the past, but I thought that today I would go into a little more depth about how to get a good, solid night time routine to keep your skin looking as good as possible, for as long as possible!

Always remove your makeup before bed

It's almost a given! We all know we should, but we don't always do it. We want to remove all that bacteria that can be sitting on our skin throughout the day, which then can give us breakouts. It also allows us to have a nice, clean palate to apply all our night time products. Don't forget, our skin heals itself over night so this is the most important time of the day to cleanse.

Start your routine early

If you can, you want to wash your face at least half an hour before you go to bed. We want to have enough time for all those products to soak in and not rub off on our pillows. Make time for yourself and look after your skin. It will love you back I promise!

Keep eye cream away from the eyes

What? Not on my eyes? No, not on your eyes! Eye cream only needs to be applied around the eye socket and not in and around the eye lid. The cream will naturally sneak in by itself. If you are applying too much (you only need around a grain of rice), too close it will creep into your eyes and make them sting. You will also probably wake up with puffy eyes in the morning! Try and be gentle when you're applying your eye cream too. Try not to be too heavy handed and only apply using your ring fingers. These are the most gentle fingers so the pressure will be nice and light.

Don't forget your moisturiser

Contrary to popular belief, our skin does not have it's own respiratory system so 'allowing it to breathe' is not necessary. Our skin repairs itself over night and applying active creams will only aid in the process. Washing your face and leaving it bare will just let moisture seep out of the skin and can actually dry it out. Instead use a good quality, active moisturiser or face oil which will help your skin heal and repair itself so you can have great looking skin by morning.

Get your beauty sleep

If you can get a minimum of 8 hours sleep a night you should feel so refreshed by morning. We can all struggle to wake up when the alarm goes off, but if you have not had enough sleep it just makes it even harder. Then when you look in the mirror your skin looks grey and dull and the bags under your eyes start to look like suitcases, you know you need an early night. When we don't sleep properly it can interfere with our body's circulation. This can cause to the blood not draining properly (especially around the eyes) which leaves to dark circles and bags. Make sure you're getting a good nights sleep to keep your skin and eyes looking bright and awake!

Change your pillow case regularly

I've said this before and I will probably say it again! Make sure you regularly change your pillow case (especially after a facial) to keep your skin clean. Pillow cases can harbour so many germs over time, we need to change them at least once a week - even if we don't change the bedding every week. Maybe buy a few extra sets so you can just change them regular and then just throw them in the washing basket regularly. Keeping your pillows clean will keep your skin clean too!

I hope you have picked up a trick or two!

Thanks so much for reading!

Emmaline x

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