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APOTHECARY: Summery Zingy Body Oil

Well Summer is officially here now and it's time to really enjoy it. With all that sunshine and heat on our bodies, our skin can tend to dry out a bit.

Why not try this body oil to help nourish your skin and also make your skin smell all fresh!

What you need:

  • 100ml Amber Bottle

  • 90 ml Sweet Almond Oil

  • 10ml Vitamin E Oil

  • 10 drops Mandarin Essential Oil

  • 10 drops of Grapefruit Essential Oil


Mix all the ingredients together in the bottle and give it a good shake. Use as a body or massage oil after a bath or shower.


  • Don't apply to the soles of your feet as they may become slippery!

  • Do not apply and then expose the body to direct sunlight as the citrus oil may cause hyperpigmentation. Ensure you're covered up before going out in the sun!

Happy Summer guys!

Thanks so much for reading,

Em x

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