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SKINCARE: Is It Your Lifestyle?

So, I have this thing. I'm pretty confident when it comes to treating client's skin. I have treated and cleared a wide range of skin problems over the years ranging from acne through to dry and flaky skin. I hope I can always find a suitable selection of products to do the job and treat the concern. However, there are times when skin can be stubborn and sometimes when there are external factors fighting against me it can be a real battle!

If after a few months, we are still seeing breakouts/dryness/inflammation I would definitely recommend doing a series of different things.


I have created a weekly planner for you to download on the site. It is a great way of pinpointing if there are any areas in your diet or lifestyle which may be contributing to the problem. So for example, if you struggle with acne breakouts and you keep a diary of what you have been eating/drinking etc, you might notice a correlation with your breakouts and what you're consuming. Dairy can be linked to acne as can gluten intolerances. Plus, it doesn't have to stop there either. You could use it to see if there are any links to migraines, period pains, insomnia (too much caffeine?) etc.

Download the planner here


If you have stubborn skin concerns, sometimes it can be linked to an allergy. You can quite easily get allergy tested by visiting a naturopath. You can also do your own at home by purchasing the allergy testing kit from this site here.


There can be so many external factors that you could be doing which keep giving you skin problems like these I've listed below...

  • Have you gone on/come off/changed contraception?

  • Are you cleaning the screen of your mobile phone regularly?

  • Have you recently changed your shampoo or conditioner (this tends to cause problems in the hairline and down to the jaw)

  • Do you change your pillowcase regularly?

  • Have you recently changed your diet to add in more 'healthy' fats?

  • Are you cleansing your glasses regularly?

  • How often do you clean your makeup brushes?

  • Are you working in an air conditioned office? (This can sometimes cause a lot of dryness and a grain like texture on the skin)

  • Are you using face wipes?

These are obviously just a few factors and there are so many more too. Use your common sense and see if anything stands out to you.

If you are finding your skin concerns are not going away, maybe you could try some of the points above and see if you can pinpoint anything.

The planner I think is a great place to start and then see where you go from there!

Thanks so much for reading,

Big love,

Em x

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