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SKINCARE: 5 Ways To Make Your Skin Feel Loved

Our poor skin can feel so neglected sometimes. From rushing around here and there, not eating the best foods, constantly touching our face, slathering on makeup... it can go through quite a lot.

Here are my top 5 ways to make your skin feel loved again...


So of course I would suggest this, I'm a facialist after all. A facial can do so much more though than just clean your skin. The steam and exfoliation will really open your pores and get rid of any dead skin cells that can make it feel rough and look dull. It also boosts the circulation to get the blood flowing better.

Massage will help to release tight muscles in your face which can make your facial features pull down - as in sagging! It also can help lift and shape contours of the face and drain away toxins from the skin.

Finally, a good face mask will replenish any hydration that your skin has been lacking, plump it out and give your skin a radiance. How loved will your skin feel after that!


I don't like water on the skin by itself. Believe it or not, splashing water on your face in the morning can actually dry it out. However, drinking it will do the opposite. Maybe get an app for your phone which will monitor the amount of water you are drinking to keep you on track.


Move it in any which way, just move. Sitting for long periods will stop the flow of lymph around the body and so the more you move the better you will feel. Do a yoga class, gym session or even you know... have a good 'cuddle' with your partner! Any of this will do, in fact the latter is possibly one of the best things for your skin actually! When we move our bodies and work up a bit of a sweat, it helps our body to remove toxins that can build up and make our skin look lifeless and dull. So, get your health app on the go and monitor those steps - aim for 10,000 a day if you can.


Fibre is one of the best things that you can have in your diet. We are all so afraid of carbs nowadays plus anything that used to have fibre in has been so refined that it's left without it. Firstly, never be afraid of carbs - it's just the bad ones we need to avoid (processed white flours/sugars etc). Fibre though acts like a sponge in our bodies. It can absorb the toxins, fat and waste from our diet and ship it out of your body without all those 'detox' cleanses.

Fibre can help prevent some many diseases of the gut and digestive system, plus it can also help clear your skin too! Build in some asparagus, greens and raspberries into your diet to boost your fibre levels and see the difference!


Your skin repairs overnight and so without getting a good night's rest, your skin will forever look dull.

How to do it? Plan your sleep into your schedule like you would a yoga class, business meeting or anything else.

Set a reminder on your phone to go to sleep (I love the sleep app on my iPhone) and stop your jobs/chores/tasks and hit the hay.

Try to avoid staying up till all hours looking through facebook, turn your phone onto airplane mode and snuggle down. This is one of the best things you can do for your eye bags, dark circles and lacklustre skin.

Thanks so much for reading,


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