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Simple Ways To Make Your Skin Look It's Best For Valentine's Day

If you are being treated to a hot date on Valentine's Day and you want your skin to glow, here are some tips I like to use before an event or special occasion to help my skin look it's best... at the last minute!

Don't forget, we are looking after you this month. This is a great little routine to follow when you have an excuse to put some makeup on and have a night out. It should help your makeup glide on with ease and smooth out any dryness.

STEP ONE - Exfoliate

I would recommend doing an exfoliation the night before you have an event. Begin your cleanse at least an hour before bedtime so that your skin has time to absorb all the products (and not soak into your pillow!).

Use a nice granular exfoliator to lift away dead skin cells to really smooth out your skin. It will also boost the circulation to give a nice glow. Follow with a hydrating face oil or overnight mask to pack your skin full of hydration

(I love The Exfoliating Pearls which you can purchase here and The Face Oil which can be purchased here)

STEP TWO - Full Cleanse & Moisturise

The next morning when you wake up make sure you cleanse correctly. I would recommend doing a full cleanse with something like The Cleansing Beauty Balm to remove all traces of oil and mask from the night before. Then follow with your face cream, sun protection and a few drops of face oil for a dewy glow.


Whatever time you are applying your makeup, ensure you have cleansed your face and applied the products as above. A few drops of face oil will help your foundation look a little more dewy and natural. Try and avoid heavy primers and powders as they can block pores and make the skin look dull. Opt for a more natural base and radiant glow.

STEP FOUR - Highlight

To finish off the look, add a drop of face oil between two fingers and brush over your brows and cupid's bow on your upper lip to give a nice sheen and enhance the area.

STEP FIVE - You're Looking Fabulous!!

Keep this glow going! Try not to fall into bed with your makeup on. Make sure you remove all traces of makeup and apply some more face oil before sleep to rehydrate your skin after your night out

Thanks so much for reading,


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