SKINCARE: The Best Ways To Hydrate Your Skin - Internally & Externally

We are in the midst of February. It's cold and wintery and our skin is probably starting to feel it a bit. We have the warm central heating in our homes, we then have the cold blast when we go outdoors, the drying heater in the car and then the air conditioning in offices, shops, restaurants and gyms. Let's face it, it's a lot for our skin to deal with!

Here are my top ways to keep your skin hydrated right through until those clocks 'Spring' forward into those warmer months...


  • Water intake is obviously a must and very important for our skin. Bored of water? Why not make an infusion with some cucumber, mint, fresh lemon slices or berries.

  • Hot drinks almost feel essential at this time of year, but try and cut back on the caffeine and swap some of your teas and coffees to herbal decaf ones to stop the de-hydrating effects of caffeine. Lemon and ginger is delicious and super warming.