3 Supplements All Women Need for Healthy Skin

I'm so excited for this month! With it being International Women's Day and also Mother's Day it's the best time to celebrate women. So, this month on the blog we will be focusing on a different age group each week and talking about the main skin concerns for each group too.

First, I wanted to share a fantastic blog by one of our contributors, Sharisse Dalby. Supplements are so important for the health of everybody, especially women. Why not have a read below of the three supplements all women need for healthy skin...

3 Supplements All Women Need for Healthy Skin

Your skin is an important organ, in fact – it’s your largest organ! It’s responsible for everything from preventing dehydration, to keeping harmful bacteria and germs out, to playing a critical role in the production of vitamin D3.

It’s your body’s first line of defense against sickness and disease, and it’s kind of important!