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Is this the reason you have problem skin?

I speak about this a lot, but I'm going to speak about it again. There can be so many reasons why you keep breaking out, but here is one that you might not have thought about...


Here are some lovely pillowcase facts for you

  • If you're sleeping on a cotton pillow case, do you know that it absorbs so many oils and products on your skin? It can make your skin dry, your hair knotted and even greasy! Eugh!

  • If you use a silk or satin pillow case, it absorbs far less oils, its anti-aging and stops your hair from breaking/knotting/getting greasy.

  • If you are in bed for around 8 hours a night, that's 56 hours a week spent on your pillow case! If you wore the same clothes for 56 hours, you would definitely wash them more than once a week! Change your pillowcase regularly.

  • If you don't wash your hair everyday, the bacteria that is on your hair will transfer to your pillow case... which then transfer to your skin.

  • Bacteria can harbour on your pillow case too. Dust mites, makeup, sweat and all sorts of wonders and build up.

So, I always recommend changing your pillow case regularly. If you can, every other night to keep your skin clean.

These are the silk pillow cases I always recommend. They have lasted me really well and I wash them and then hang them to dry.

Thank you so much for reading,



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