How To Prevent Teen Breakouts

I have so many questions from parents about their child's skins. It can be a concerning time for parents as they are not always sure how to approach the matter with their kids and also, if they will even listen!

Unfortunately, around 80% of teens from the age for 13-18 will suffer with hormonal acne at some point.

For any of you who are struggling with your teenagers skin, here are my top tips about how to keep their skin clean and healthy for when those hormones strike!


Avoid those harsh face washes and scrubs on their young skin. Anything that foams up will more than likely contain Sodium Laureth Sulphate which is a very irritating ingredient used to make products foam up.

This can then damage the skin's natural barrier, upset the oil production and cause a dry, flaky and yet oily skin.

Opt for a gentle face wash such as the Nimue Youth Face Wash. This is much more gentle than some of the harsh ones on the market and will help clean pores deep down.