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How To Squeeze A Spot (If You MUST!)

We all know that feeling when we see a big yellow head appear on our (or our partner's) face. It is like for some reason, we are naturally bread to squeeze them. There is something so satisfying about squeezing a spot and also quite addictive. You squeeze one and then you start looking for more. What else can I have a 'good go at'?

I see this so frequently in my clinic. Client's who just can't resist and decide to have a 'good go at' some poor teeny weeny spot, which after having a go at it with some kind of pliers (that is what it looks like anyway!), it swells up so much it's become something when it was really just nothing!

Of course I would rather you leave it to the professionals to squeeze your spots (we get so much satisfaction out of it if nothing else!), but if you really MUST, then this is the best way.

Firstly, do not attempt this in the car at traffic lights, at your desk at school or work or when you're watching the TV and you just felt a lump. You must plan this properly! It is a serious procedure!

This is also how to remove a spot with a yellow head on or a 'pustule' as we call in the industry. Do not attempt to squeeze a spot without a head (the 'under the skin ones') as all you are going to do is inflame it even more. Simply wrap an ice cube in a flannel and press it on the spot to take out any inflammation instead.


  • Begin by washing your hands thoroughly and then cleanse your face.

  • Use a warm flannel and press it gently on the spot to warm the area

  • Sterilise a needle/pin and gently break the skin so the puss has a channel to exit the skin. Literally insert it a teeny weeny bit and then remove! Do not go digging for gold!!

  • Wrap your fingers in tissue and gently squeeze the spot. Do not squeeze like your life depends on it either, this is GENTLE please!

  • Try and stop before you see any blood, if you see blood do not squeeze anymore!

  • Wipe over the area with some toner and apply a spot cream such as the Nimue Active Blemish Control.

  • Wash your hands and follow with your skincare routine

I always recommend getting a professional to do this for you, but if you can not get an appointment or really have to extract a spot yourself then please follow my guidelines.

Thanks so much for reading,


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