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Advanced and Trendy Ingredients

When it comes to ingredients in skincare, I get asked a lot about different products with these 'new' ingredients and what are my thoughts.

I feel, especially now with social media, we are so much more aware of ingredients in products and we all seem to want more, more, more... but is that a good thing?

I've seen treatments online where in the facial you can have a dermaplaning treatment, then a glycolic peel followed by microneedling. I mean... my head is going to explode!

When it comes to anti-ageing and a clear complexion, yes advanced ingredients and treatments are great, but only when the ingredients are formulated correctly in a product and the treatments are not too harsh.

For example, if we are treating somebody for hyperpigmentation, the last thing we want to do is overstimulate the skin as it can lead to further pigmentation (post inflammatory pigmentation). So, in this case, we would treat the skin slowly using gentle peels and active homecare. Dermaplaning followed by a peel can completely strip the skin of it's natural barrier (what all us facialists are trying to maintain and repair) and also cause post inflammatory pigmentation, sensitivity, redness and breakouts.

How about retinol or glycolic acid? Surely these are great ingredients though. Everybody talks about retinol like it's a 'holy grail' ingredient right? Well yes and no. Similarly with glycolic, niacinamide and vitamin C and so on it's all about how they are formulated.

I have clients saying to me that they can't use glycolic acid as they have had sensitivity to it in the past. Or, some people have used vitamin C and it's irritated their skin. What we want to ask then, is how was it formulated? How is it designed to penetrate into the skin? Is it stable? etc etc.

I'm not a huge fan of strong retinols either, mainly because of the way they can cause the skin to react. You can easily get redness and peeling, plus don't forget about the dryness! I can't get my head around using a product that does this to the skin. If your skin is constantly red and dry, where is the benefit? You might have a slight improvement in pigmentation, but if your skin is always dry from using it, surely you would prefer healthy looking skin with a little bit of pigmentation instead of a red and peeling face?

This is where Nimue Skin Technology comes in. Nimue uses very active and advanced ingredients, but at the same time, it is suitable for sensitive skin. Why? Because of the way it's been formulated and delivers ingredients into the skin.

Nimue is the only product range on the market with 11 advanced delivery systems (most ranges include one or two!). Including polarised water, encapsulated vitamins A and C plus many more. These ensure that the ingredients are delivered into the skin and released at the correct time to prevent any irritation and also allow the products to give the best results possible.

Nimue also focuses on barrier repair and maintenance and so their glycolic peels contain barrier repairing ingredients as well so you can be sure your skin is protected whilst being rejuvenated at the same time.

Why not contact me to learn more about the Nimue Skin Technology range, book in for an online consultation and see the results for yourself - just from homecare alone!

Don't get sucked into trendy products and ingredients too easily. You can use the most advanced ingredients on the planet, but if they are not well formulated, stable or have a delivery system, how are they going to make a difference to the skin?

Just some food for thought I guess...

Thanks so much for reading,

Lots of love,

Emmaline x


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