Advanced and Trendy Ingredients

When it comes to ingredients in skincare, I get asked a lot about different products with these 'new' ingredients and what are my thoughts.

I feel, especially now with social media, we are so much more aware of ingredients in products and we all seem to want more, more, more... but is that a good thing?

I've seen treatments online where in the facial you can have a dermaplaning treatment, then a glycolic peel followed by microneedling. I mean... my head is going to explode!

When it comes to anti-ageing and a clear complexion, yes advanced ingredients and treatments are great, but only when the ingredients are formulated correctly in a product and the treatments are not too harsh.

For example, if we are treating somebody for hyperpigmentation, the last thing we want to do is overstimulate the skin as it can lead to further pigmentation (post inflammatory pigmentation). So, in this case, we would treat the skin slowly using gentle peels and active homecare. Dermaplaning followed by a peel can completely strip the skin of it's natural barrier (what all us facialists are trying to maintain and repair) and also cause post inflammatory pigmentation, sensitivity, red