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Anti-Ageing 101

When it comes to anti-ageing, I think I've said before... what does it really mean? If somebody comes into my clinic asking for 'anti-ageing' does that mean they want botox? Want to look 18 again? Or do they just want to ensure they age gracefully?

I think the media has made us believe that as soon as we see a wrinkle we need to panic, buy all the 'anti-ageing' creams known to man and slather them on our faces for the rest of our lives. I mean, I get it, but I see anti-ageing a little different I guess.

What I try and focus on is giving the skin that youthful glow back. Packing it full of hydration, getting rid of excess dead skin cells that make the skin appear dull and doing lots of deep massage to help tone the skin.

At the end of the day, we need movement in our faces to keep us looking young. I always use the comparison between Katie Price (not a wrinkle or movement in sight, but doesn't always look 'youthful' in my opinion) and Dame Helen Mirren (has an older skin but really exhibits youth, fun and radiance).

Don't hate wrinkles and fine lines. They're not the enemy no matter what people have you believe. Instead focus on happiness, a good skincare routine, a healthy diet (incorporating an abundance of greens and healthy fats), lots of exercise, plenty of water, applying sunscreen daily, lots of sleep and regular orgasms (yes, you heard that right!)

Here are my top 3 anti-ageing products (not including sunscreen daily because that's a given!)


One of my favourite products to help hydrate and plump the skin is my Vitamin C Serum. It contains hyaluronic acid to really replenish moisture loss, aloe vera to soothe the skin and vitamin C (wonderful antioxidant) and a complex of 7 alpine plants (including mallow, cowslip and melissa) to help brighten the skin. This can therefore help to even complexion and give the skin a radiant appearance.


It's so important to get rid of excess dead skin cells to keep the skin looking fresh and radiant. However, remember, more is not more with exfoliation (it can lead to further pigmentation if you do it too frequently!) once or twice a week is perfect and my Exfoliating Face Mask is the perfect product to use.

It contains pineapple and papaya enzymes to eat away dead skin cells, really hydrates and tones the skin whilst it's left on and then when we remove it, it physically exfoliates the skin using natural jojoba beads.


Ok, I have cheated a little and added two products here. The Gua Sha facial kit contains the gua sha jade stone and The Face Oil - the perfect combination.

Massage is so important to keep the skin looking toned and firm. I try and incorporate it into my skincare routine daily and really notice the difference when I skip a day.

The Face Oil is a very nourishing product to really moisturise the skin and the gua sha can help detoxify the skin and drain away a build up of lactic acid which can cause tight muscles (but not tight in a good way!). Simply do a few minutes of massage daily to help keep your skin looking youthful.

Thank you so much for reading,

Lots of love,



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