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LITTLE GEMS: A week of blending! Plus Eating out at Victor's Hale, The Village Cafe, The Greenho


Welcome back to my week of foodie pictures! Seems to be lots of smoothies and acai bowls this week. I was doing a bit of research on smoothies too actually. Some very interesting results have been found with them. A lot of people say that smoothies can actually make people put on weight - which we know to be true when you're having them full of fruit, coconut oils, avocados and nut butters etc etc. However, research has shown that if you drink a smoothie slowly - as in over a period of 20-30 minutes instead of gulping it down, it get's digested better and can make you fuller for longer - therefore stopping you reaching for more food. The body needs to recognise it as food, so make sure you take your time. Savour that smoothie and you will feel so much better from it!

Monday morning pre-yoga brekkie | water, oats, ANP probiotics, nut butter, chia seeds, spinach and frozen 'tropical' fruit pack from M & S

Tasty green heaven!

Big and tasty side salad on monday evening for dinner with a piece of salmon. I made it with quinoa and black beans plus some roasted butternut squash and sweet potato to make it more filling.

Don't forget the pepperdew peppers and artichokes! My favs

Breakfast | avocado on toast with leftover salad and balsamic glaze

This is served on toasted Mediterranean Sourdough from Hill's Bakery in Hale. Delish!

Second smoothie - this time with frozen berries instead of the tropical fruit - why it looks like sludge! ha ha!


Light and lazy lunch - a mix of 2 types of salads from M & S. Their crunchy side salad and the nut and quinoa salad mixed together with the dressing. To be honest I always prefer to make them fresh - as in chopped myself, sometimes however, needs must!

New obsession in the heat... Iced matcha tea! Especially in this Bodum glass as well. As it's double walled it stays icy cold for AGES! As in 2 hours later I still have ice cubes - that's if I've not drank it in that time of course!

Make your paste with some warm water and the matcha powder, then add your ice and cold water. It's a great source of antioxidants plus a good caffeine kick too!

Homemade berry and mango ice cream

It was so so hot this week and so I needed something to cool me down. I know a lot of people talk about 'nice' cream with frozen bananas, but it never hits the spot. This on the other hand does! Add to your blender some frozen berries and frozen mango, a drizzle of almond milk (less than a 1/4 cup) and a good scoop of vegan ice cream. Blitz it all up and serve with some cacao nibs on top for extra crunch. You could also add toasted, flaked almonds too for extra texture.

First acai bowl of the week with some 'healthy' reading!

Victor's Hale (menu here)

Parmesan and Truffle Fries

Wednesday night dinner with Mamma at Victor's in hale. We had lots of little plates and it was actually rather filling!

Flamed salmon roll - half portion

Grilled avocado with crispy tofu

(top left) Vegetable Tempura and Steamed Broccoli

Post Yoga Practice Acai bowl No. 2

The Village Cafe, Hale

Baked Potato with Chilli & Cheese Toastie

I've not had a cheese toastie like this in years - proper comfort food! It's a nice little place this. I don't really eat here that often as I prefer to visit The Garden, but it's very reasonable and that jacket potato was HUGE! I had a little lunch break with my lovely friend before getting back to the clinic. Pro's of being self-employed I guess!

And another smoothie...

The Greenhouse, Oxford Road, Hale

Plate of mixed salads

Wahacca | The Corn Exchange, Manchester (Menu here)

Guacamole Freshly made every day with Hass avocados with tortilla chips

(top left and across)

Sweet potato : Crispy fried chunks of sweet potato, dressed with smoky caramelised mojo de ajo

Black bean & cheese quesadillas : Slow cooked smoky black beans with bay & avocado leaf

Fire-roasted cactus & courgette Tacos : With crushed new potatoes, tarragon & mint. Topped with grilled cheese & ancho mayo

(bottom left)

MSC battered cod Baja Tacos : Beach-shack style with shredded slaw, chipotle mayo & pickled cucumber

Spicy slaw : Fresh crunchy slaw mixed with our chipotle dressing

Friday night date night with hubby at Wahacca in The Corn Exchange. Love this place!

The ceiling view...

One egg omelette with avocado and toasted sourdough bread

I was on a course on Saturday and so needed a nice and filling breakfast. I know it all looks a bit beige but it tasted really good!

Porta Altrincham (menu here)

Patatas Bravas

Standard dinner at Porta in Altrincham - I always end up eating the same but it's always amazing!

Deep Fried Calamari

Tenderstem broccoli

We had loads more but 1- I was so hungry I forgot to keep taking pictures and 2 - you've seen them a million times before! Tomato bread, prawns, padron peppers etc etc.

Not one to have eggs two days in a row but felt like I wanted them again this morning. Had a very hearty breakfast today! Veggie sausages with a fried egg on brioche bun - heart attack on a plate ha ha!

Bundobust | Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester (menu here)

Nimbu Pani - Indian Lemonade flavoured with cumin and salt

(from top)

Bhel Puri and mixed salad

Paneer Special with Naan

Dahl and rice

Bundo Chaat

Okra Fries

Biryani Baji Balls

So neither of us (me and hubs) had any lunch... we were starving! This is our excuse for ordering so much food!

Yup... all gone pretty much!

I had a lovely week but it's always a bit weird when you do something on your day off - like a course. Feel like I've only had half a weekend! Ah well, it's been lovely all the same!

I hope you had a good week too,

Thanks so much for reading,

Big love,

Em x


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