LITTLE GEMS: A week of blending! Plus Eating out at Victor's Hale, The Village Cafe, The Greenho


Welcome back to my week of foodie pictures! Seems to be lots of smoothies and acai bowls this week. I was doing a bit of research on smoothies too actually. Some very interesting results have been found with them. A lot of people say that smoothies can actually make people put on weight - which we know to be true when you're having them full of fruit, coconut oils, avocados and nut butters etc etc. However, research has shown that if you drink a smoothie slowly - as in over a period of 20-30 minutes instead of gulping it down, it get's digested better and can make you fuller for longer - therefore stopping you reaching for more food. The body needs to recognise it as food, so make sure you take your time. Savour that smoothie and you will feel so much better from it!

Monday morning pre-yoga brekkie | water, oats, ANP probiotics, nut butter, chia seeds, spinach and frozen 'tropical' fruit pack from M & S

Tasty green heaven!