Body & Well-Being Christmas Prep

So we're finally here... Christmas week! For me, it has to be one of the busiest weeks of the year. I'm trying to see all my friends and family before Christmas, going for a coffee and a catch up with people, working all the hours sent and also organising any last minute gifts too. It's busy... and I need to look after myself.

By the end of the year, the majority of us are pretty much burnt out and ready for a break, so just before the chaos commences, make sure you're looking and feeling and looking your best with the following products to keep you in tip top shape!


I love to do a hair treatment once or twice a week with my Pom Pom Pomade. I tend to do it the night before I wash my hair in the morning so my hair looks super glossy and bouncy the next day. Simply brush your hair, massage a few pumps of oil into your hair and scalp and then tie it up (ideally in a silk scrunchie) or wrap in your silk hair turban and go to sleep.