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SKINCARE: Why Is My Skin Bumpy?

I must get this question at least once a week via social media in some way or another. It is a frequent concern for so many people and as much as I can't diagnose why this is happening, I thought maybe I can give you some potential reasons as to what might be causing the problem.


First off, I would say if you think it could be a rash or reaction to a product then definitely go and visit your GP to get it checked out. Symptoms could be red and itchy skin that is bumpy to touch. There could also be some dryness and flaking. My usual rule of thumb is if it is itching, red or swollen it sounds like a reaction.


I harp on about this all the time I know, but if you are not cleansing your skin correctly then you can have a build up of dirt and grime in the skin. When I say 'correctly' I mean not using face wipes and harsh face washes and scrubs. These will strip the skin and cause an irritation. Irritation can be shown in the way of bumps under the skin as well. Try double cleansing with products such as my Cleansing Duo to give a gentle yet effective cleanse.


If you are using makeup primers, these tend to contain silicones which can easily block pores and sit on the skin causing bumps. Similarly with heavy foundations, you can get these little bumps under the skin (which also might be a little red and dry). These can be caused by the products drying and irritating your skin plus not being removed correctly from incorrect cleansing.


These are tiny little white bumps under the skin which can be caused through a lack of exfoliation (gentle exfoliation always!) or by using rich face creams and moisturisers.

To treat them, you ideally would have them removed by a facialist or doctor who will gently break the skin with a micro-lance and squeeze them out. Bear in mind they can be quite stubborn sometimes so be patient.


This is when you get little plugs of dead skin cells build up in the hair follicle and then they create bumps under the skin. It can be found more often on the backs of arms and legs but it is not uncommon to find it on the face.

I can be caused through dry skin, so ensure your skin is well hydrated, moisturised and gently exfoliated twice a week.

I hope this helps a little. There are so many different reasons why bumps can occur under the skin and sometimes hormones can play a big part too.

If you're struggling with recurring breakouts, I highly recommend having a detailed food intolerance test done along with taking some probiotics (like The Beauty Chef range available in the shop) and checking your hormone levels to make sure you are as 'balanced' as possible.

Thanks so much for reading,



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