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::: Cheat Sheet ::: Pro Ageing

There is so much information out there all about 'pro-ageing' and 'anti-ageing'. To be honest, it's pretty overwhelming I think. So, I thought I would do a quick cheat sheet showing you the main things you need to do to in your skincare routine and lifestyle routine to keep your skin looking as youthful as possible.





Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Keep the skin hydrated to plump out fine lines

The Vitamin C Serum to hydrate and brighten the skin

Drink lots of herbal teas and water to keep the skin hydrated


Layer skincare products from light to heavy (finishing with SPF at the end)

The Face Serum after your moisturiser to prevent any moisture loss and Skin Omega's as an edible moisturiser to keep the skin supple

Plenty of omega 3's in your diet and supplement too if you can.

Pigmentation and uneven skin tone

Gentle exfoliation weekly and homeware designed to enhance a clear complexion

Nimue Fader range to lighten and brighten the skin, wear Nimue SPF 40 daily and use Nimue Exfoliating Enzyme weekly (contact me to purchase)

Protect your skin when you go out. Wear your skincare products and a hat/sunglasses etc to really protect your skin from the elements

Dull skin

Twice weekly exfoliation and keep on top of cell turnover (this slows with age)

The Exfoliating Face Mask to chemically and physically remove dead skin cells

Include lots of brightening foods in your diet to boost antioxidants in the body such as matcha, berries, greens etc.

Dry and brittle hair

Hair treatments weekly to keep hair and scalp nourished

Use Pom Pom Pomade weekly overnight to hydrate the hair and give radiance

​Use a silk pillowcase or a silk hair turban to protect your hair whilst your sleeping

Sagging Skin

Massage the skin daily to help boost collagen levels and blood circulation. Why not download my facial massage class here

Using my Facial Massage Wand and Gua Sha for massage along with supplementing with Skinade daily to boost collagen levels and firm the skin

Boost collagen production by consuming collagen foods such as bone broth. Avoid lots of exercise that can cause collagen breakdown such as lots of running on hard ground

I hope you've found this useful, let me know if you wish me to do some more of these,

Lots of love,

Emmaline x


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