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Introducing The New Cleansing Beauty CREAM


This has been a looong time coming! As in really, really long. I've wanted to create a cleanser for some time that can be used with water, but I found that a lot of them tended not to leave the skin feeling as fresh or as clean as the balm.

Around 18 months ago, I suffered from a bad bout of acne. Unfortunately it was due to the contraceptive pill I changed to and it caused a major battle between myself and my skin. Nothing seemed to ease it at all. I know hormones can really cause havoc with the skin, but I tend to find that with the right product, I can calm it down and reduce the 'life' of the pimples.... but no luck!

After a lot of trail and error, research and headache, I developed a product I could use to cleanse the skin which would help to treat my acne and pimples. The Cleansing Beauty Cream was created! I didn't want a harsh face wash and my intention was not to dry and shrivel up the spots, but instead take away the inflammation and help them heal - more of a gentle, holistic, 'Emmaline style' approach I guess.

I used it twice daily as a second cleanse with my Cleansing Beauty Balm and couldn't believe how it helped calm my inflamed and irritated skin.

18 months on, I'm finally sharing this product with you.


It's an oil-based cream cleanser that can be used with water. Packed full of hydrating and nourishing ingredients such as castor oil to help deep cleanse, shea butter to nourish, matcha green tea (yes the actual powder, not just an 'extract') to calm inflammation and glycerine to hydrate.


You can use the cleanser in so many ways. I love to use it as a second cleanse after my cleansing balm to really clean the pores and leave the skin feeling fresh and soft. However, it can be used by itself as a single or double cleanse as well. You can use it to cleanse the skin in the morning in the shower or over the skin (instead of a harsh face wash).


If you wish to try the Cleansing Beauty Cream, it's available to buy by itself here, or you can purchase it alongside the Cleansing Beauty Balm here saving £11 (pack price usually £66).

I really hope you enjoy using the Cleansing Beauty Cream like I do, it's become a firm favourite in our household!

Thanks so much for reading,



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