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EATING OUT: Common Ground

I will start off by saying I LOVE THIS PLACE! So, if you find I gush a bit too much, it's because I really do love it.

Common Ground is a gorgeous little coffee shop in that lovely little square of Altrincham right next to the Market. It was opened by three olympians from the North. To be honest, any little food joint in the space is incredible and I love the fact that they are all just so individual. None of them are really competing against another as they are just so different... but as per usual, I digress!

If you read my weekly blogs, you will probably know that I've been here once before just for coffee and even then it was lovely. I was so excited to check it out and even though I'm not the biggest coffee drinker, I still couldn't wait to get in there!

Firstly, check out this gorgeous decor. It's super simple but done so so well. I think the images are from a stall in the market too which is so lovely that it brings everything altogether.

Plus I love how it can just be completely open too. The front doors open up and so do the back. So, when I was there on Saturday it was open right through (as it was such a beautiful day!). It create such an open environment and getting fresh are in always helps any business to bring in lots of new energy!

Plus they have the cutest patio outside as well. I would have taken pics but I was getting weird enough looks as it was ha ha!

So they have recently started doing food as well and so I wanted to check it out on Saturday. Here is the menu below...

We ended up going for the BBQ Tacos for hubs and I had the Poke Bowl.

It tasted as good as it looks. Super fresh ingredients and hubby was very impressed with his too. Happy days! Plus I had a green tea with mine, but if you just want tap water they have jugs available for you to just help yourself.

The lady next to us had ordered the eggs and avo on sourdough toast which looked amazing. I'm guessing all the food is pretty good there!

You have to go for dessert too right?? I had the raw mint chocolate square and hubs had the brownie.

I also had a matcha latte as well with almond milk which was delish!


These are the images from the last time I went of my matcha latte.

I love the little heart and how it stays all the way to the bottom he he! Simple things right?!?

So, if you're out and about in Alty and like me you have tried pretty much everything on the menu at the market, then definitely check this place out. In fact no, just go check out this little place. Great for a lunch spot and for anybody wanting a little extra, I think they do cocktails too!

They also have all the fancy teas and different non-dairy milks so cater for everybody. The staff are adorable and super helpful with any questions too.

So I would say just go down and grab yourself a nice drink at this gorgeous little place!

Thanks so much for reading,

Big love,

Em x


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