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Do You Need To Take A Collagen Supplement? Here Is Everything You Need To Know!

Collagen supplements are bigger than ever at the moment. I remember when I started retailing Skinade around eight years ago, not everyone understood the benefits. Now, it's everywhere. There are so many different types of collagen supplements, there are powders, drinks, tablets and so on. Let's look into this a bit more shall we...?

You've probably heard about collagen, but do you know what it does? Or how much collagen you need? And can you get your fix from a supplement instead of eating your way to great skin? We'll answer all of these questions and more in this handy guide to the wonders of collagen.

What is collagen?

Collagen is a protein that's found in skin, bones, cartilage and tendons. It's the most abundant protein in the body--and it helps keep skin looking young and healthy.

Collagen supplements contain hydrolyzed collagen (which means it's been broken down into smaller pieces). They're often combined with other ingredients like vitamin C to boost collagen production and omegas for hydration.

What does it do?

Collagen is a protein that acts as a structural component of skin, bones and other connective tissues. It helps to keep skin firm and elastic, making it more resilient to the sun's harmful rays.

Collagen is also responsible for producing elastin--a protein found in our bodies that helps keep skin smooth and supple by giving it elasticity.

How do you know if you need a collagen supplement?

You should consider taking a collagen supplement if you have a health condition or skin condition that affects your body's ability to produce collagen.

  • If you have a medical condition that impairs the production of collagen, such as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome or Marfan syndrome

  • If your doctor has recommended taking vitamin C supplements for reasons other than scurvy (vitamin C deficiency)

Many people start to notice signs of aging around age 30--this doesn't mean they need to start taking supplements immediately, but it does mean that they should be aware of the possibility.

A collagen supplement can really help with treating fine lines and wrinkles. Plus it can also have a great impact on your recovery from exercising to help rebuild the collagen fibres.

How do collagen supplements work?

Most collagen supplements contain hydrolysed collagen. As I mentioned earlier these are broken down bits of collagen. In layman's terms, the body notices the broken bits of collagen and thinks that it's collagen has been damaged. This then triggers the fibroblasts to boost the collagen production and hey presto, we have collagen production being started.

Do I need to take a collagen supplement to get great skin?

To get the most out of your collagen supplement, it's important to understand what kind of collagen you're using and where it comes from. Collagen is a protein that supports skin structure and elasticity. It's found in certain foods like bone broth and gelatin-rich foods like fish or chicken breast--but only if you eat them on the regular! If you haven't been eating these kinds of things regularly enough (or at all), then maybe it's time for a collagen supplement.

Are there other ways to get enough collagen?

If you're looking for a more natural way to get your daily dose of collagen, there are plenty of foods that contain it. The most obvious sources include:

  • Chicken and turkey (boneless skinless breasts)

  • Fish (salmon, tuna)

  • Eggs

How much is needed for effective results?

The answer is simple: as much as you can get your hands on! But seriously, the amount depends on your goals and how much time you want to put into taking care of yourself. If you're looking for a quick fix, then just one supplement portion a day should be enough. However, if you want more dramatic results (and who doesn't?), then it might be better if your routine included some extra steps like exercising or eating healthy, collagen rich foods. The key here is finding what works best for YOU!

How long does it take to see results?

Of course supplement results will always vary from person to person. When it comes to collagen though, you always want to take it ideally daily for around 90 days before you will see your optimum results. This is because it takes this long to stimulate and grow the collagen in the skin. After that, you can move onto a maintenance dose for five days a week (Mon-Fri)

Which collagen supplement should I take?

I only ever recommend Skinade. I've been using it for years in my clinic and love the results it brings for my clients. It also doesn't just contain collagen alone, but is a whole powerhouse of other nutrients. This includes...

  • collagen from fresh water fish

  • all your B vitamins

  • calcium ascorbate - the highest quality vitamin C available

  • l-lysine

  • organic flaxseed oil

  • msm sulphur

It is also manufactured by one of the most respected food and drink suppliers in the UK and has a patented formula.

results before and after 30 days on my own clients (not stock photos!) with Skinade

Skinade comes in a drink form. Why is this and not a capsule or powder? Well, the molecules are so tiny that we can actually start absorbing it in the gums!

What to look out for with collagen supplements...

From experience with clients trying other brands, I think it's very important to note that the results will vary from person to person and brand to brand. I've also seen with some clients on different brands that their skin can look 'puffy' instead of firm and youthful. This could be because of water retention caused from poor formulations and also brands that contain chemicals that are not always great for the skin.

Be aware of collagen supplements that are formulated in China as the quality and formulations might not be as reliable as well. This tends to be reflected within the price!

Ideally you want a brand that contains vitamin C in the formulation as we need the vitamin C for collagen formation. Without it, it could just pass through the system and not do much for you or your skin.

I much prefer collagen in the Skinade form as it can be absorbed so quickly through the gums. Bear this in mind when taking supplement powders and capsules as they might not be as easily or well absorbed.

Collagen is a powerhouse nutrient that can help keep your skin looking young and healthy. It's also important for keeping joints strong, bones healthy, and even hair shiny! But if you're not getting enough collagen in your diet or through other means like supplements or topical treatments, then taking a supplement may be the answer.

I hope you have found this guide useful,

Thank you so much for reading,

Emmaline x


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