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TRAVEL: Part 2! Quick Stop in Dubai then off to Hong Kong!

I have to say that this trip was possibly the best holiday I've ever had... hands down! Mauritius was heavenly enough, but to then go on to two of my fav places in the world made it even more special!

So I've not got as many pics as last time, but even so, I thought I'd share them with you.

Let's start with Dubai...

It was midnight... We had just landed and checked in... This was needed!

I never miss eating a normal 'meat' burger anymore, especially with all the other options available! I love the 'shroom burger from Shake Shack, it's sooo good!!

We met up with some family and visited this lovely little restaurant called Shakespeare in Dubai. They had some really healthy options too!

Shakespeare & Co | Dubai Marina Mall

(View the menu here)

(clockwise from top)

Detox Salad - Red quinoa seeds, kale leaves, fresh mango, capsicum, zucchini, sliced almonds, fresh ginger, beetroot, pomegranate seeds, citrus olive dressing

Vegetable Sandwich - Marinated grilled vegetables with balsamic vinaigrette, sun-dried tomato paste, french fries

Tuna Nicoise - Smoked tuna, mesclun greens, poached egg, potatoes, snow peas, green asparagus, cherry tomatoes, capers, anchovies, black olives, tarragon and lemon dressing.

Club Sandwich - Turkey ham, beef bacon, emmental, tomatoes, eggs, lettuce, mayonnaise, mixed greens, french fries.

The Brass Coffee & Community | The Walk, JBR, Dubai

Then after all this food we went to the most hardcore food place in town... Yup! Cheesecake Factory! Apologies, the lighting was shocking and so I didn't even attempt to take a picture (I did insta story it though!)

We then woke up the next morning and took another flight off to Hong Kong.

So, all these foodie pics are from random restaurants that my family took us to. To be honest, I couldn't tell you their names or even really where they were! All I know is that the food was bloody good! :)

I feel like I have to explain this one. My Dad decided to take us to this random restaurant for lunch in Hysan Place in Causeway Bay. Firstly, it's friggin huge this thing! It's a toasted brioche loaf with the middle scooped out. Then filled with fried rice and topped with beef and egg. Yes I know, it looks random but hey ho, it's Hong Kong. If you are quite squeamish then probably look away now, there's some traditional food coming up! ha ha

Hong Kong Style doughnuts/eggy bread with golden syrup to dip in!

Sevva | Central, Hong Kong - View the website here

One of the most beautiful restaurants I've ever been to in Hong Kong (and possibly the world!)

Seriously fancy fine dining here, I'd give the food around 7/10. The views and the venue though... it's gotta be a ten!

Possibly the most delicious apple crumble ever! However the topping was random! Erm... Cheddar Cheese Shavings??? Sound very weird and I thought it was weird but it actually worked really well. Would I do it again at home? You know, just crumble a bit of cheddar over my crumble? Hell no! ha ha! It was pretty cool though!

Views from Sevva...

(above) Breakfast at Agnes B Cafe | Times Square, Hong Kong

Yes, that is a fish with it's head on. Standard Hong Kong/Chinese practice! ha ha!

Joe & The Juice | Times Square, Hong Kong

If you ever make it to Joe & The Juice, you've got to try the Breakfast Energizer Smoothie! Hubs had the normal which is avocado, strawberry and banana with vanilla milk. I needed a dairy free option so I had the same but with chocolate almond milk - it was HEAVEN!

Afternoon tea break at Yee Shun Milk Company

Trying out an all vegetarian dim sum restaurant in Causeway Bay (actually was really good!)

Incredible views from our hotel. We stayed at the Excelsior in Causeway Bay. It's literally less than 5 minutes to my Grandads home but it is also really well located. This is the view from their rooftop bar. Possibly one of my fav places to go!

Go on then... one last view!

I had the most incredible time and I am so grateful for it. I'm also really happy to be home though, I've always been a bit of a 'home-bird'.

I'm sorry my posts have been a bit hit and miss recently. The clinic is so so crazy busy and I've had so much on I haven't had the time to post as regular as I would like.

Thank you so much for continuing to read my posts though (whenever they do randomly appear!) and for your continued support!

Please let me know if there is anything you would like me to focus more on too. Skincare? Food? Aromatherapy?

Thanks so much for reading,

Big love,

Em x


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