RECIPE: Garlicky Fried Rice

I think the Chinese in me just can't resist some fried rice. To me it's one of my favourite comfort foods and I must treat myself to this every week (along with the many other things I like to 'treat' myself to!).

This is my basic recipe, but it does change rather regularly depending on what vegetables I have lying around.

Also, as a bit of a side note, I find fried rice always works better with rice that has been made the day before and refrigerated. If I make it just before I fry it, it tends to go a bit 'claggy'. Therefore, I tend to be organised and have some rice ready made the day beforehand so it's good to go when needed. Or, you could just buy pre-cooked rice in a sachet too.


1 tsp garlic oil

1 tsp chilli oil (if you can get the one infused with shrimp shells)