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Hair and Nail Health

As much as I talk about skin a lot, I also believe that if we can keep our hair and nails looking great, it adds to the 'whole package' if you know what I mean.

Our hair and nails are just as much as a window to our inner beauty as our skin. If our hair and nails are dry and brittle, it can sometimes be a sign that we could be deficient in vitamins or minerals or lacking in natural oils too.

So, with that in mind, here are my personal top tips on keeping my hair and nails in their best health - and some of these tips will have a great benefit to our skin health too.


Hair Treatment with Pom Pom Pomade

First off, I couldn't talk about glossy hair without mentioning my Pom Pom Pomade. It is a leave in hair treatment that can really help to nourish dry, split ends and dull hair. It helps my hair feel a lot bouncier too after washing.

I love to brush my hair, apply a few pumps from the mid shaft down and then leave it in overnight. I either tie my hair in a silk scrunchie or silk hair turban and then just wash my hair as normal in the morning. It makes such a huge difference and I swear it's one of the reasons I only have my hair cut twice a year.

Silk Pillowcase

For years I've used a silk pillowcase. I talk a lot about how important they can be for your skin, but they are also great for your hair too.

Silk pillowcases can prevent your hair from getting as knotty and they also help prevent it from getting as greasy. Win win as far as I'm concerned.

This is the silk pillowcase I like to use here (plus it's only £13.99!)


So, this will overlap with hair health too, but I love to take a great supplement to help with inner beauty. Biotin is a firm favourite to help with hair, skin and nails and can be taken in so many of the supplements I stock in my clinic.

Here are some of the best ones...


As much as it's great for the skin, it contains all the B vitamins you need including biotin as well.

Nail science

A great supplement designed to help support hair and nail health. (Yes it's called nail science, but it will help with your hair as well). Just take one capsule daily for optimum results.

Skin Vitality

Literally a brigade of vitamins and minerals for overall body health - including biotin.

Don't forget, all my supplements are available as monthly subscriptions where you can save 10% each month as well.

Tsui Apothecary Castor Oil

Castor oil has so many benefits and can be used to massage into your cuticles every night to help strengthen dry and damaged nails. Why not give it a try?

Nimue Anti Ageing Hand Cream

A nourishing hand cream that exfoliates, smoothes skin texture and improves the appearance of age spots on the hands and arms and improve nail health. (contact me here to purchase)

Like I always say, it's about treating the body as a whole and inner and outer beauty products are equally important.

Thank you so much for reading,

Lots of love,

Emmaline x


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