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How To BEAT The Dark Mornings

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When the clocks change I have to say, as much as I get excited for cosy, Winter, festive vibes, I loathe the dark mornings. As a nauseating morning person (apologies to everyone who isn't a 'morning person'), even I struggle with getting up in the dark.

I had heard a lot about these alarm clocks that can help wake you up in the mornings and so I decided to do some research into them. After trying a rather inexpensive one that felt like somebody was shining a torch in my eyes in the morning I thought maybe it wasn't for me. So I packed the thought (and the stupid torch like alarm clock) away and forgot about it.

Then the year continued, Summer came and went and then the mornings started to get darker... and darker. I then thought it was time to re-think about the wake up lights.

So, just over twelve months ago, I invested in a Lumie alarm clock.


Yes I know, that's a huge statement but I'm not lying to you... it actually did!

There were so many to choose from and the prices varied quite a lot as well, so I decided to go for a mid-range option. I didn't need a bluetooth speaker on it, I didn't need a million wake-up sounds (in fact, I don't have any sounds as I use my phone alarm clock), I just needed the bit that lit up the room.

And this is the one I chose...

This is the Lumie Bodyclock Shine 300 and it is our absolute pride and joy!

If you are somebody who struggles to wake up in the dark mornings, I highly recommend trying one of these clocks. It gradually lights up the room until it gets to your 'alarm time'. I set ours to start lighting up for 30 minutes before we have to get up (you can change your own settings) and it has made such a difference. Some mornings I get up before my alarm and I don't feel groggy at all. For me, it was worth every single penny.

Click here to purchase yours and get your morning back on track.

Thank you so much for reading,

Emmaline x


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