Impossible weight loss? Always bloated? Plus many more ways to know if your body is inflamed.

Inflammation is a massive topic at the moment. Inflammation of our gut, our cells and mostly of our immune system. In fact, inflammation of our immune system can wreak some major havoc on our body... big time!

First off, inflammation in the body is a natural and also very normal process. On a daily basis we can see inflammation occurring in so many ways. For example, if you cut your finger, stub your toe, have an allergic reaction etc. we can see redness, swelling, puffiness. You know the drill right? What I'm talking about today though is chronic inflammation.

Chronic inflammation is different. This can have a major impact on the body and your overall health. Think of chronic inflammation like a fire that you just can't put out.

If you suffer with some or all of these symptoms there is a good chance you are suffering from chronic inflammation. Realistically most of us do due to our lifestyles and just general way of life nowadays. I would say though, the more symptoms that you have, the more you need to treat it.


Are you poorly a lot? Do you get a lot of colds? Sickness? Coughs?


When you wake up you're still feeling shattered. You plough through the day using coffee and sugar to keep you going and then by the evening your ready to collapse.


Constantly bloated, gassy, constipated, diarrhoea? Do you have weight around your stomach that will just not sh