LITTLE GEMS: Getting on Insta Stories, Cooking Comfort Food with Leftovers and eating out at Victor&


Welcome to this weeks Little Gems Blog Post! How are you? Good week?

I don't know if you have been on my Instagram Stories at all this week, but I've been trying to update them quite regular - well pretty much every time I've cooked something!

So many people say to me that they wish they could eat healthier, it's just they don't know where to start or that they don't have the time. I finish work so late I need my dinner to be quick but also to taste amazing. At the end of a long day, you need something that fills your belly but also tastes really good too. It's probably why I eat so much comfort food every week - I need that 'comfort' when I get home to ground me after busy day. If you've seen them please let me know what you think. I don't want to be doing something that nobody wants to see! So, please keep me posted :)

I've been trying to change up my normal eating habits a bit this week and so although I've been eating the same, I'm trying to make everything a little more suited to the season, hence the Autumnal Chocolate Smoothie Bowls...

Autumnal Smoothie Bowl with Homemade Granola & Superfoods

Cutlery is from here

These are just s