LITTLE GEMS: Eating out at Sigiriya Hale, Caramello, Cheshire Show, Wolfhouse Kitchen, Piccolinos &a


Welcome to my first 'Little Gems' post on this site! Ok, I will stop with the 'firsts' now, but I've just been so excited with this new website, I have to keep sharing everything with you ha ha!

How was your week last week? Apologies this is coming up a day late (I usually try and post this on a Sunday night), but it was Eid for my in laws and I on Sunday and so I didn't get chance to start typing last night - I was so shattered from having a full on day!

I've had a lovely week though. I had a few days off for my birthday, which overspilled to last week so I had a nice chilled out time!

Here is my foodie week in pictures for you anyways, I hope you enjoy... :)

So, I had to take my Mamma for a quick checkup at the hospital (nothing to worry about - in fact all good actually!) but we had to leave quite early - hence I had no breakfast! Don't worry, we made up for it though! After the docs, we nipped across to Didsbury village for some tasty brekkie at Caramello. We were both so hungry so this was perfect!

I went for the eggs and Mamma had pancakes with maple syrup.

Pancakes with Maple Syrup and a Latte & Eggs Florentine on a Bagel with an Earl Grey Tea

I was so stuffed after this!

Sweet Chilli Salmon, Avocado, Homegrown Peas, Grilled Artichokes and Chinese Salad

Then, Monday was such a lovely day I just fancied a night light dinner as it was still so warm. This might look a bit weird to you, but to me it was HEAVEN! This Chinese salad is quite tradtional. In fact, I've only ever had it in Hong Kong (except for all the times we eat it at home). It's a mix of fruit and vegetables mixed with salad cream. Sounds gross but seriously, don't knock it until you've tried it! I might put a recipe up if anybody's interested.

Favourite day of the year hands down... EVER! So, Tuesday was Cheshire Show. I book this day off every year about 6 months in advance. I don't know why I love it so much but I do. I think it takes me back to my youth when I used to horse ride professionally. Seeing all the animals, eating lots of food and having a mooch around the shops... It's like the place to go for potterers like me! I swear I am like a granny already! Anyways, the weather was fabulous and we had a lovely day out.

Then, obviously we had to eat out again on Tuesday night, it would be rude not to right?? Mamma and I then nipped to Alty Market with little Dexter (our Yorkie) and had a tasty dinner from Wolfhouse Kitchen. The food there is one of my fav places you know. It's so simple but the flavours are just amazing! Love this place! Plus Dex loves it too, he just sits on our lap looking around at all the craziness that's going on bless him!

Teriyaki Aubergine and Tofu Rice Bowl from Wolfhouse Kitchen, Altrincham Market

Overnight Oat & Chia Pudding Breakfast

Wednesday night I fancied something nice and simple. This might not look much, but it was really tasty. I find I cook pasta at least once a week, and this time I fancied a different type of carb - hence the potatoes. I simply boiled them in salted water and fried some beans, peas and broccoli in a pan. Then when the potatoes were cooked and drained, I combined it altogether in the potato pan with my basil dressing. Ah-Mazing!

Acai Bowl

Post yoga on Thursday was a delicious acai bowl which hit the spot perfectly. I'm trying to cut down a bit on my smoothie bowls as I know they have so much sugar in them from the fruit, They just taste so damn good it's hard - especially in this warm weather!

The Greenhouse 5 Salad Taster Plate

A nice treat to myself on Friday with this delicious salad from The Greenhouse in Alty. It's my go to comfort food when I fancy something that is healthy and light but tastes delicious. I know they're not one for presentation, I don't care though. I know how good these salads are!

Banana, Mango and Rice Milk Smoothie

Needed a cool down and plus I was hungry! This was perfect, I added lots of ice to it as well so it really cooled me right down!

Feast at Piccolinos in Alderley Edge

CALAMARI FRITTI - Fried calamari, roast garlic mayonnaise & lemon

LINGUINE AI GAMBERETTI - King prawns, courgette & chilli

LASAGNE - Slow cooked beef ragu, tomato, bechamel, Grana Padano & basil

(However we didn't order the lasagne! It should have been PARMIGIANA DI MELANZANE - Baked aubergine, buffalo mozzarella, Grana Padano, tomato & basil

SPINACI - Buttered spinach

ZUCCHINE FRITTE - Courgette fries

Saturday night I went for dinner with my Mamma again. We decided to go to Alderley Piccolinos for a change as I've not been there in a while. The food was great except the waitress got our order wrong and said we ordered the lasagne not the aubergine. Not to be awkward, but I actually got her to read out 'PARMIGIANA DI MELANZANE' as I couldn't pronounce it when I was ordering it for goodness sake! I'm sorry, but I wouldn't have got her to pronounce lasagne, I can say that!! She denied all knowledge of this to the manager too in front of us! Can you believe her! Anyway, he was very good about it and gave us the baked aubergine complimentary but I couldn't believe she lied right in front of my face! I was not impressed with that!

TORTINO AL CIOCCOLATO - Warm chocolate fondant & caramel ice cream

Dessert was yummy as always! We had the chocolate fondant and an Earl Grey for me and an English Breakfast Tea for Mamma. I enjoyed the meal, the food was great. Not too sure about the shifty waitress though!!

Then finally, as it was Eid on Sunday we had a big family day! It was also one of our little cousins 1st birthdays so we went for a meal. We celebrated at Sigiriya in Hale village. I was actually really looking forwards to going as I had not been back since the launch night. I can honestly say the food was fab! They were serving around 30 of us at once and it can be a bit ropey sometimes when serving a crowd. The food can be cold or bland and the service can be a bit hit and miss. It was great! Each table had their own set of food and there was plenty to go around. Highly recommend this place! I ate the dahl which (albeit super duper buttery - cue heart attack!) was possibly some of the best I've had when eating out. I also had the fish curry and beetroot curry (plus some veggie starters too!) I really enjoyed it so much - plus the company was great obvs ha ha!

So I hope you had a lovely week. Let me know in the comments below if you went anywhere different or tried anywhere new - or even if you have any recommendations!

Eid mubarak to you all and thanks so much for reading!

Big love,

Em x

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