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TRAVEL: Let's Go East! Part 1 - Visiting Shangri-La | Le Touessrok Mauritius


So I'm back from an amazing trip away visiting Mauritius, Dubai and Hong Kong! I'm not going to lie though, I am seriously tired and it has taken me ages to get my act together to even start typing a blog post! I had such good intentions to get so much work done whilst I was away. I actually started really well too, then accidentally dropped my laptop on the beach! Ooops! Yeah, so the keys were filled with sand and no typing could take place. On saying that, I think it was a good thing to allow myself to switch off and just enjoy myself... I think it worked too! (plus there's nothing hanging around at The Trafford Centre at Apple for 3 hours can't fix! FML!)

This post will be more of a gallery I would say. So get a 'cuppa cha' (or a delightful green juice!) and check out the most beautiful place I have ever visited. Welcome to the Shangri-La Le Touessrok in Mauritius...






Safran Indian Cuisine

Kushi Japanese

Republik Bar

Le Bazaar Buffet Restaurant

The Best... Our Balcony :)

There are so many things to say about this place, it was incredible!

Highlights for me...

-The views were breathtaking from every window, every seat, everywhere!

-The staff were so friendly and the service was amazing. I don't think I opened a door once! ha ha

-The food was great! Sometimes hotel restaurants can be a bit mediocre, but this was fab. The buffet restaurant I would say was probably the best. You can try so many options and it's not like a 'tacky world buffet', it's seriously good!

-The live music each night in Saga Bar was brill! The perfect thing to do after dinner!

-There are so many choices of places to 'chillout'. Coral beach, the lagoon, the adult only pool, plus they have a children's pool too!

-They have two islands! You can go and do so many different water sports (a lot are complimentary too!) including snorkelling in the lagoon!

-They have their own turtle sanctuary! I say no more!!

-The fruit in the restaurant is fresh from the fruit trees on the island. Papaya like you've never had before!

-They have their own cotton trees! How cool! There's just little areas under the trees that look like snow, it's so so cute!

-My fav thing I guess was that although the hotel was at around 90% capacity, you didn't feel overwhelmed with people. It was so spacious it felt like it was still quiet. Our beach had only around 5-6 couples on it at the most.

I will stop gushing about this place because I know, it's a bit annoying. I just wanted to share the first half of our break with you all.

Hope you had a lovely few weeks! Part 2 coming soon...

Big love,

Em x


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