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My Evening Routine For My Well-Being

After coming home from a long day at work sometimes it can be hard to do anything more than eat, shower and sleep. I have tried though over the last couple of years to be quite strict with my evening routine and although I don't do this every night of the week, I tend to do it at least four or five nights if I can.

Having a space to call my own is hugely important to me. I think during lockdown we all needed to carve out a little place if we could to just 'escape' to. Please don't get me wrong, I was incredibly lucky and didn't have anything I really needed to 'escape' from in our home, but I think it was more of escaping the world in general. This is where my evening routines changed and to be honest, even though life has become a little more normal now, this I haven't changed. It's one bit of 2020 that's stuck with me... for the better.


I talk about this a lot, but I really find it helps me to completely unwind and relax. It's helps create a habit and triggers a sense of relaxation now even if I just am triggered by one of my senses.

This is my routine...

When I decide I'm going to get ready for bed (usually around 8:45-9pm) I will jump in the shower and cleanse my face. I love to cleanse with my Cleansing Beauty Balm as it's such a luxurious product and the smells are just divine. It always feels like such a treat.

I then apply all my skincare including a few drops of oils at the end if I do a gua sha massage. I try and do this a few times a week either morning or evening to de-puff and relax my facial muscles.

Then I trot off to the kitchen and make myself a Tsui Apothecary 'Time Out' herbal tea. Whilst this is brewing I will go and set up my room for some meditation. I always use my 'calm' botanical essence and put on my sleep playlist from Spotify. I also put on my salt lamp and leave the room to fill with the scent of essential oils.

Then I go back to the kitchen and finish my tea and take it back to my room where I do some Headspace meditation, 3 pages of journalling and then I will stagger off to bed feeling ready for sleep.

I will probably read then for around 30 mins to take me to around 10:15pm and then it's lights out for me and off to sleep.

Please bear in mind I cultivated this in lockdown and so time didn't really exist. I totally understand this is just not always feasible for everyone, but I felt it benefited me so much that I try and squeeze as much of it in as I can each evening. Sometimes if it's late I will just do some Headspace in bed before a quick read and then sleep.

Do you have a bedtime routine or would you like to perfect yours? If so, why not book an online consultation with me where we can have a great chat about what your needs are in the evening and then build a routine that suits your lifestyle.

Thanks so much for reading,

Emmaline x


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