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Periods & Natural Contraception

To start off, this is definitely one for the girls! This might not be for the faint hearted I might also add. If you're that way inclined, there are lots of other lovely blog posts for you to read here :) For the rest of you curious ones, keep reading...

Bit of background... I've been on the pill for a very long time. 15 years plus I would say. Originally it was to help with skin issues (Dianette, we love you - albeit you were four times more likely to give us blood clots than any other pill!) and then for... well, not getting pregnant!

For the past few years, my periods have been a bit all over the place. My skin has been up and down (depending on the pill I was on) and my moods have been as erratic too.

I needed a change... I needed to get off this stuff!

So, around a month or so ago, after a lot of thinking, I decided to come off the pill. I've never had so much fear in my life over something so small, but I did. It was scary stuff! Will my skin go crazy? Will I put on weight? Will I lose weight? Will my periods come back? What will happen to me? etc. etc.

Well, so far so good. I thought I would have problems with my periods returning as I'd been on the pill for so long, but I got one at the end of the month. It didn't last for 2 to 3 weeks (for a bloody change!) and I didn't feel ratty at all! Ah-mazing!

So this is what natural feels like - well for me anyway!

Two things I wanted to share with you though today were firstly, my new contraceptive method and also my new form of 'feminine care'.


This is the first exciting thing I wanted to share with you. It is an app on your phone which works as a natural contraceptive. You simply put your temperature into the app each morning as soon as you wake up and it calculates whether you're fertile or not!

Impressive right?

How does it work? Well, according to Natural Cycles...

"Natural Cycles is backed by a unique algorithm that takes your temperature and many other factors like sperm survival, temperature fluctuations and cycle irregularities into account. It not only detects ovulation, fertility and the different stages of your cycle, it also calculates accurate predictions for upcoming cycles. It has been clinically tested to be highly accurate in detecting and predicting ovulation."

You can also add into the app, other factors such as if you've done an ovulation test, had protected/unprotected sex/spotting/late night/hungover etc and it calculates it all into the algorithm.

Days that you are not fertile, you can have unprotected sex and the days that you are, you can either not have sex or have protected sex. Your call!

Plus, It's made me understand my body so much more. I'm aware of so many other changes that I never was before when I was on the pill. It's amazing!

How much does it cost: £39.99 for a year with a thermometer included or £5.99 a month (but you buy your own thermometer separate)

I've got a discount code too, so if you fancy you can get 10% off by using this link.


Now these are amazing too! A bit weird, but really great!

I am certainly not a lover of being on my period, but like the rest of us, I go through the motions. I've tried all sorts of tampons and towels and the best I can say I've found so far is Always Infinity. They are a bit more expensive than other towels, but keep me feeling fresh and also they hold their shape much better! Well, they were my fav until now... introducing Flex Fits!

I heard about these on a podcast a while ago and was so intrigued I googled them straight away. After spending a short lifetime on their site, I placed an order and around 10 days later (yes . know, they come from the States), they arrived!

What are they?

Well, according to

"FLEX isn’t a cup, it’s a flexible disc that comfortably forms to the shape of your body."

What great about them?

  • They last up to 12 hours

  • You can have 'mess free' period sex

  • 60% less waste than tampons

  • Reduce cramps in 70% of users

  • Not linked TSS

After the first use, I was not sold. I thought they were a bit weird and I could feel it. I persisted though as they say if you can feel the disc, it's not inserted correctly. After 2 or 3 uses I got the hang of it and I was away! You can sleep in them overnight too and I swear they have reduced my horrid cramps.

How do you use them?

Flex is inserted into the vagina and then sits just behind your pubic bone. It catches your bleed so that you don't need to wear a pad (On saying that, I would advise one for the first few times until you get the hang of using them).

How much do they cost?

£13 for you first trial box of 24 and then £13 a month thereafter if you continue on their subscription service. You can try Flex here

These two things have actually changed my life altogether. With my app being able to predict when I'm due on my period (plus when I might experience PMS symptoms/ovulate etc) and then a mess free and comfy period, I can carry on my life without having to think about popping fake hormone pills!

I hope this has given you some food for thought. Do your own research too obviously and speak to your GP or Family Planning Clinic before coming off any contraception.

If you have any questions, please just comment below and I will do my best to answer them for you.

Thanks so much for reading,



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