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How To Feel Positive Everyday

There is a lot of negativity around at the moment unfortunately. Mostly in politics to be honest as well. As 'hippie' as it sounds, when there is any kind of political drama that is flowing around the world, I'm convinced the negative energy moves with it. It almost can create a funny atmosphere where we can all feel a little anxious or even vulnerable.

To try and stay as positive as I can, if I'm feeling a bit low, these are the things I do regularly to give me a pick-me-up...


If any of my friends or loved ones (or even myself) is having a bit of a crappy day, I always make them tell me at least 5 great things that have happened in the day that they're grateful for. There are always five, in fact most of the time we hit the 6 and 7 mark.

If 5 or 6 great things happened to you in the day, then your day can't be that bad can it!


I remember reading a book a few years ago recommend to me called 'Flip-It'. It teaches you how to see the best in every situation. Even now when there is something that makes me feel in a bit of a funk, I always try and flip it and make it into a positive!

My favourite one is when it rains... Why not look at it in a way that we are so grateful of the rain. We're so lucky to have water nearby! It makes the grass greener, it makes everything grow better... there's always a positive for the rain. Buy yourself a beautiful umbrella and splash in the puddles! It really doesn't all have to be doom and gloom!


Even if you're just going for a walk! Exercise releases endorphins to actually make you feel good! Why not try some Yoga or Pilates to boost your mood. It's not so hardcore you're shattered afterwards, but it helps to focus your mind on something other than the negative!

"Pilates is an amazing stress buster - it makes you feel great and strong, which helps make you feel more confident and independent. There's nothing like a boost of confidence to increase overall happiness!"

- Laura Pettener, PL Pilates


I see this as an important one. There are things in life that are just simply out of control and there's pretty much nothing that you can do to change it. If you're in this situation, change how you react to the problem instead of worrying about it constantly.

Anxiety is THE biggest waste of energy... full stop! You will never hear anybody saying "I'm so glad I lay awake all last night worrying about that test, it really helped!". Train your brain so you don't waste your much needed energy on it.

“I define anxiety as experiencing failure in advance"

- Seth Godin


Sometimes you just have to convince yourself you're happy. Stop focusing on the negatives, they will only make you feel worse! Tell yourself you're excited to get on that plane, that you can't wait to get to work, that you love your life. Honestly, you are sooo lucky! Just to be able to read this blog with the technology that you have. Sitting on your computer or mobile reading this, you're already luckier than most people in the world.

Also, just smile! Even if you feel like crap... smile! It tricks your brain into believing that you're happy and then releases feel good hormones. Perfect and very quick 'pick-me-up'.


It's infectious! Think about how when somebody starts laughing so hard you laugh too. Sometimes you don't know what they are laughing about, but you can start chuckling and then before you know it your laughing yourself. If you're feeling low, spend time with happy people that you love. Remember, don't steal their energy and bring them down with you, use both your energies so you both lift higher!

Anybody that makes you feel low or negative, take a rain check and meet them another week. You don't need that in your life right now!

I hope you like my tips to help boost your positivity,

Thanks so much for reading,



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