Simple Do's & Don'ts of Medical Grade Products

Medical grade products used to be very difficult to get your hands on. They had to be prescribed by a derm and then when you finally got your prescription, they cost an absolute arm and a leg.

Thank goodness, times have now changed and we can easily purchase more 'active' ingredients even on the high street. The thing is though, do you know how to use them?

I love the brands that I stock, especially the medical grade ones. Nimue Skin Technology and SkinBetter Science are superb and show incredible results on the skin. However, these are not just products that you can buy off the shelf, you need to have a consultation first before you can purchase them.

When we finally get our mitts on them though, what are the rules? Can we just use them all at once? Can we layer them?

Here are some basic tips when it comes to more active and medical grade ingredients. If you're unsure, please check with the brand or supplier that you purchased them from thoug