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The One Oil You Need For A Good Night's Sleep

Sleep... that's a big topic right? If we don't get enough we are ill, ratty, tired, woolly headed and much much more.

How do you ensure a good night's sleep though? When you've got some many things on your mind, so many things to do and so little time to do it all. Well, if I ever find myself struggling to sleep there is always one oil I turn to and here are the best ways to use it.

What is this wonder oil you ask? Well, it's good old fashioned lavender essential oil. Hailed as a wonder ingredient by so many (most probably your Nana!), this essential oil is known to help with insomnia plus so many other ailments. These are my favourite ways to use it...


Around 30 minutes before you go to bed, add 3-5 drops of essential oil to some water in an oil burner and light a tea light underneath. The smell of lavender will fill your room and help you get a restful night's sleep (plus make your room smell delightful!). Obviously ensure you blow out the tealight before going to sleep!


I never recommend applying essential oils directly to your pillow as the oils can very easily stain. The best thing to do is to put a couple of drops of essential oil onto a tissue and place it at the top of your pillow so the smell is nearby.


There is nothing like a soothing bath before bedtime and adding lavender essential oil can really help the experience. I always recommend adding around 5 drops to a cup of milk (or any plant based milk) first before you add it to the bath. This will stop the oils from floating to the surface and act as an emulsifier.


You can make your own bed sprays by simply blending a few drops of lavender oil into a spray bottle of water. Now, the oils and the water will not mix as there is no emulsifier, but if you give it a good shake before you spray it, it should be fine.

Obviously be careful if you are spraying it on your fanciest linen as you don't want any stains, but if you have dark bedding it should be fine.

Spray the 'bed spray' over your blanket before you go to sleep so you are cocooned in a beautiful scent of lavender.


You can make a simple oil blend up with a plain carrier oil (such as coconut, sweet almond or jojoba oil) and then apply a drop or two to your pulse points before bedtime. You pulse points are behind your ear, inner elbow, wrist and backs of knees.

Try 2-3 drops of lavender essential oil in 10ml of carrier oil. (patch test prior to use if you are sensitive)

Fancy giving it a try? For next week only, get 10% off your bottle of lavender essential oil when you use code 'LAV10' in the checkout box.

Thanks so much for reading and happy sleeping!



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