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The Acne Edit

When it comes to acne, there are so many different causes that the list could be endless.

I will though tell you about the main ones. Acne is such a frustrating skin concern and if you are acne prone it can be something that rears it's little ugly head quite regular, but there are things we can do to keep it at bay (or at least maintain it).

Read on to learn more...


When we have an imbalance in our hormones, it can really impact our skin. Nearly always causing breakouts and extra oiliness as well.

Breakouts from hormones tend to be around the chin and jawline area, but they can also be in other areas of the face too.

Progesterone can increase our oil production, reduce cell turnover and make our sebum quite thick and sticky. All these things combined will contribute to breakouts, especially on our face (and sometimes back too).


Our diet and lifestyle can cause inflammation in the body. For some people, if they eat a lot of red meat, dairy and gluten, this can cause inflammation and lead to further breakouts on the skin.


This can be caused by hormones, but it can also be linked to an impaired skin barrier. This could be from numerous things such as harsh skin treatments (like dermaplaning and microdermabrasion), foaming face washes and face scrubs, makeup primers and even the environment. When we have an increase in our oil production, this can lead to spots due to the excess sebum blocking the pores.


As much as a hormonal imbalance can reduce keratinisation, this can also be caused by incorrect product use. If we are not cleansing our skin properly with the best products, we can have a build up of dead skin cells. There are also so many products that we can use on a daily basis that are designed to 'stick' to the skin such as foundation and makeup primers. Also, products like hair spray and deodorant can linger in the air and stick to our faces, leading to a buildup of dead skin cells.


I always recommend that everyone takes a food intolerance test. As much as they are not always a hundred percent accurate, it does give you a rough idea what foods can trigger breakouts. I started to cut out foods that I was 'intolerant' to (not allergic, please remember, it's an intolerance not an allergy) and then slowly reintroduced them back into my diet. Then I could see what was causing my breakouts.

When we continuously eat foods that we are intolerant to, this can trigger our immune system and if we continue to eat them, our immune system will be continuously working. This can lead to a weakened immunity as your immune system doesn't get time to recover.


When our gut is unhappy, our body is unhappy. Our gut controls so many functions in our bodies, not just digestion! It can control hormone production and also our serotonin levels. An unhappy gut can easily lead to breakouts. I tend to see these breakouts around the mouth and from the corners of the mouth down towards the jawline (on a bit of an angle).


By using the correct skincare for your skin type, you can really help to reduce the amount of breakouts that you get. I would recommend having an online consultation with me and we can create a skincare plan for you and get you using the right products for your skin. It's so overwhelming out there, I try and cut through all the marketing and offer honest skin and lifestyle advice to help clear your complexion and give your skin a glow.

It's always important to double cleanse each night and exfoliate around twice a week to keep the skin cell turnover moving. This will help to keep the skin cells nice and clear and free from blocked pores.

One of the other things I would highly recommend is Skinade CLEAR.I have seen wonderful results using this product on clients and myself. It is designed for acne prone skin and can get to work rather quickly.

It targets every single problem that I have listed about including treating inflammation, balancing hormones, improving the digestive health (as it contains probiotics), improves the skin's elasticity and hydration and also helps to detoxify the skin. It's pretty much your holy grail skincare supplement for acne prone skin.

I would highly recommend trying 30 days today to really help see an improvement.

Thank you so much for reading,

Lots of love,

Emmaline x


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