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This Will Help You Wake Up In The Morning

So it's probably safe to say that Summer is pretty much over now. The kids are back and our lovely tans are starting to fade a little (unless you're like me and are going on your jollies now the kids are back!).

As the colder months start to draw in, a great way to keep our bodies from getting too sluggish (in hibernation mode) is to do some dry skin brushing. It's been something I've done for many years now and I love it.

But what are the benefits though? Well I'm so glad you asked...


Actually, it doesn't just boost your blood circulation but also your lymphatic system too. Boosting the circulation will help to bring oxygen and nutrients to cells to help feed them. Stimulating the lymphatic circulation will also help to remove unwanted toxins and detoxify the body.


When you use the body brush on dry skin it gently exfoliates any loose, dead skin cells. This will help improve the texture of the skin, unclog pores and make it smoother and softer.


My my does it wake you up! It really stimulates the nervous system and you cannot do this and not feel awake afterwards.


I love to do it before I get into the shower in the morning to really stimulate my circulation and wake me up. The way I was always trained was to brush on dry skin in the direction towards the heart. Ideally you want to do it once or twice a week for around 5 minutes. Brush all over the body starting with the feet and working towards the chest. Obviously be gentler on more 'delicate/sensitive' areas and you can attach the long handle to do your back and legs if that's easier. I would avoid this if you are pregnant.

You can buy my body brush here. Why not give it a try and see if it helps you in the morning.

Thank you so much for reading,

Lots of love,

Emmaline x


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