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Tips to Help with Stressed-Out Skin (and Minds too!)

When we're stressed it impacts the skin in so many ways. In fact, stress impacts our body, mind and our skin massively.

The main reasons being that everything can change when we're stressed. We eat, sleep and move differently. We also don't always have the inclination for skincare routines, we have cortisol pumping through our bodies and so overall, it can cause a bit of chaos.

Due to all these 'changes', we can find that our skin breaks out a lot (especially around the jawline and onto the neck) and these spots can be quite big and sore. They also tend to be papules which are what some people refer to as 'under the skin' spots.

Then on the other end of the spectrum, your skin can become very dry and flaky with stress. It can also be red, irritated and sensitive to touch.

Yes, keeping on top of your skincare routine is the main thing that can help, but there are some other tips I can recommend to help keep on top of everything else, which in turn will hopefully show an improvement on your skin.


Even when you're tired, even when you really can't be bothered, just do it! Stick to the basics until you can get some more time to yourself. Here is a very basic routine to keep you going...


Cleanse with the Cleansing Rosewater on a cotton pad or The Cleansing Beauty Cream (if you're cleansing in the shower)

Apply The Face Cream and Nimue SPF 40 and follow with any makeup


Double cleanse (especially if you've worn makeup) or cleanse with the Cleansing Beauty Balm or Nimue Cleansing Gel

Apply The Face Cream

Ideally you would include your serums and eye creams each day too if you can along with bi-weekly exfoliation/masks but if you don't have the inclination, then this will maintain your skin.


If you know that you're not eating as well as you should and you're short for time, make yourself a quick smoothie in the morning. You can even buy pre-portioned smoothie ingredients now that you store in the freezer. Then simply add them to your blender with some water and take it with you. That way you know you're getting at least one good meal a day with some nutrients in.

I love to add The Beauty Chef products into my smoothies, especially the BODY protein powder.


Instead of just sitting at your desk over lunch, incorporate a quick walk each day to get some exercise in. Even if it's just around the car park! If you're not moving your body, your lymphatic system cannot detoxify as well and you may find your body starts to stiffen up and your skin breaks out.

If you can get to an exercise class in your lunch break then even better, but if you're struggling to get your steps or exercise in, schedule it into your lunch break (or an after dinner walk).


Just the act of stopping and breathing for a few minutes can impact our stress level. I love to use the Headspace app daily to help calm my mind when it starts to race.

They even offer quick 2 minute meditation practices for those of you in a rush. I adore doing these practices as they've made such a huge impact on my life.

Click the link below to learn more about Headspace...

I hope these tips can help you feel a little less overwhelmed and in turn calm your 'stressed out' skin.

Thank you so much for reading,

Lots of love,

Emmaline x


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