Tips to Help with Stressed-Out Skin (and Minds too!)

When we're stressed it impacts the skin in so many ways. In fact, stress impacts our body, mind and our skin massively.

The main reasons being that everything can change when we're stressed. We eat, sleep and move differently. We also don't always have the inclination for skincare routines, we have cortisol pumping through our bodies and so overall, it can cause a bit of chaos.

Due to all these 'changes', we can find that our skin breaks out a lot (especially around the jawline and onto the neck) and these spots can be quite big and sore. They also tend to be papules which are what some people refer to as 'under the skin' spots.

Then on the other end of the spectrum, your skin can become very dry and flaky with stress. It can also be red, irritated and sensitive to touch.