The Alarming Truth About Your 'Healthy Lunch'

When it comes to junk food, I think most of us dip our toe into it now and again. Whether it be because it's craved (sometimes there can be something very comforting about a big burger and fries) or because we're short on time and need something quick. Sometimes it can be because there is just no other option (when I'm hungry I have to eat!) or just because you're a fan I guess!

Nowadays though there can be a bit of a grey area. There are so many restaurants and cafes that brand themselves as 'fresh' and healthy, it can be a bit difficult to define what is classed as junk and what isn't.

Take these 3 examples...


Only recently I read an article about how Pret a Manger was told it couldn't label one of their sandwiches as 'natural' due to the amount of 'E' numbers in it!

Yikes! I thought I could rely on Pret as being one of the healthier options. This goes to show that branding can have such an impact on how we perceive a food outlet.

Speaking of un-natural, do you know that in a Mcdonald's hamburger bun, there are around 30 plus ingredients! Some of which are ingredients in fireworks, safety matches and contact explosives! Oooh yuuummy!! There's also ammonium sulphate... oh you know the one, the artificial fertilizer used in alkaline soils! Nice! Plus not forgetting the usual high fructose corn syrup that is completely unnecessary in bread!