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EATING OUT: West Cnr Deli | Northern Quarter

So a couple of weeks or so ago we ventured out to a new place (for me in any case!) to the West Corner Deli in the Northern Quarter. I fancied trying something different, I was in the mood for a burger and so hubs suggested we check out this little place.

When we walked in I was really stunned at how cool the place was. I didn't feel like I was in Manchester, I almost didn't feel like I was in 2017 to be honest! What a cute and kitsch little place to find.

I don't really have too much to say about this place really, I guess the pictures speak for themselves. As you can see it's a quirky little deli in the heart of the Northern Quarter which sells American diner style food. The staff were really helpful, the menu was pretty cool and overall I was pretty happy with the place.

I decided to go for the 'Picudas' hot sandwich which sounded pretty cool. I was umming and ahhing about this or the fish sandwich and I thought I can have that anywhere, try something a bit different. The Picudas is a sweet potato patty which has been deep fried and placed on a hot ciabatta with some avocado, chimichurri and spiced nachos. It comes with some coleslaw on the side which I squoze onto my sandwich too! After taking a bite I was like - wow! this is gooood... then, the grease kicked in! The more I ate my burger, the more the oil and grease squoze out of it, until the end where I was left with an actual pool of oil. I don't know if you can see in the pic but there was A LOT! Unfortunately the onion rings were the same, they had a pool of oil in the bottom of the pot too. Sweet potato fries were good though and they had this really tasty BBQ sauce that I ordered with them.

Hubs went for the Ruben sandwich which he said was really good too - One thing I'm gutted about is that I never tried a Ruben sandwich before I stopped eating meat! I think it's a bit too late as well now ha ha!

Anyhoo, final thoughts?? Yeah, I really liked the place and I would definitely go back. My sandwich tasted good, but that amount of grease made me feel a bit gross afterwards. Maybe I will try something that is a little less deep fried next time?

I would say it's a cute little spot for lunch if you're in the Northern Quarter, just maybe avoid anything that is deep fried as I dread to imagine what the fried fish sandwich would be like with all that batter!

Have you been? Let me know what you thought in the comments below, I'm always interested to hear what you think of places.

Thanks so much for reading,

Big love,

Em x


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