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You Need This Product If You've Sweat!

I'm actually sick of hearing about this impending heatwave. In fact, as this post goes out, it is on the day that the media have portrayed the day the UK is going to melt into one great big puddle (cue the eye roll!)

Anyway, please don't get me started on the media at the moment!

I do though think it's important though that we try and look after ourselves in the heat - no matter where you are in the world. In fact, even if you've been sweating from a workout, this is the product for you.

When we sweat a lot we lose electrolytes which are so so important to keep us hydrated, regulate chemical reactions in the body and control fluids too. We get our electrolytes from food and drinks, but sometimes it can't hurt to have an extra boost if we've been especially dehydrated.

This is where The Beauty Chef's HYDRATION comes in. It contains fermented coconut water, cucumber water, finger lime and also added magnesium to help with electrolyte balance.

It tastes DELICIOUS!

I love to drink this every single day. It contains pre and probiotics to maintain gut health and because the ingredients are fermented, it allows for better absorption too.

Photo credit: The Beauty Chef & Sam Riles Photography

You can have it simply mixed with cold water or added to your smoothie. For me, I adore this with a good squeeze of lime and iced sparkling water with a sprig of rosemary (if you're feeling fancy). You literally feel like you're sat on an exotic beach somewhere sipping a cocktail... it's so dreamy!

Why not try some today to help replenish any electrolytes you might have lost in the last few days or over the next few whilst we get a sweaty night's sleep.

You can purchase The Beauty Chef HYDRATION here.

Thank you so much for reading and don't forget your SPF!!

Stay cool everyone,

Lots of love,



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