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Your Acne 101

Acne is really one of those skin concerns that can be incredibly frustrating. It's almost like 'whack a mole' where as soon as you get rid of one spot, another one just pops up beside it.

The causes of acne are so vast too, and so it can be very difficult to pinpoint why you're getting it in the first place. Here are some reasons why you could be getting acne...

  • hormones

  • diet

  • lifestyle

  • poor hygiene

  • change of shampoo and conditioner

  • using incorrect skincare and cosmetics

  • smoking

  • food intolerances

  • stress

  • lack of sleep

  • using cleansing brushes

  • face wipes

I mean the list just goes on and on...

So instead, I thought I would give you my 'to-do' list when it comes to acne. We want to focus on keeping the pores clean and clear and avoid using skincare products that don't cleanse the skin correctly and also block pores.


This might be the easiest option to begin with as we can go through all your skin concerns and try and pinpoint where you might be able to change something to improve your skin health. Using advanced and active skincare products such as Nimue Skin Technology can have a huge impact on acne. This is only available after a consultation with me. To book an online consultation, click here


The impact that food has on your skin is phenomenal. If you are continuously eating foods that you're intolerant to, this can have a huge impact on your skin. I noticed a massive change in my skin when I changed my diet and stopped eating foods that I was intolerant to (good to bear in mind as well that these can be 'healthy' foods, for me it was certain fruits and vegetables!). I always say take it with a pinch of salt as well. Don't be afraid to eat these foods again, you're only intolerant and not allergic. However, I always have it in the back of my mind if I have an event to go to or a reason why I want my skin to look at it's best.


Ok, so this isn't for everyone, but if you have a regular menstrual cycle, it's important to track it. I find at certain times of the month I tend to break out (when I'm ovulating) and so I'm a lot more aware of my skin at this time of the month. I might do an extra exfoliation or an extra mask to really keep my pores clear to avoid any unnecessary breakouts. I love to use the Natural Cycles app to track my cycle and also it can be used as a form of natural contraception. Click here to learn more and receive a free thermometer and 20% off your subscription.


You don't want to over cleanse or over exfoliate your skin as this can damage the skin's natural barrier and actually lead to further breakouts (avoid using muslin cloths, daily exfoliators and cleansing brushes to cleanse with each day). However, if you're not exfoliating enough, you can have a build up of dead skin cells and blocked pores. I find that twice a week is the perfect amount along with a face mask as well.

Twice a week I will exfoliating using my Exfoliating Face Mask to keep my skin smooth, fresh and clear. I also use the Nimue Thermoflash peel and also the Active Resurfacing Wipes regularly too (contact me to purchase).


Once spots have gone, they can easily leave marks on the skin (especially if you've been picking it!). Wear your SPF daily to prevent pigmentation occuring after breakouts. I recommend using an SPF of 40 or higher. I love the Nimue SPF's as they are really well formulated and do not block pores (contact me to purchase).


Supplements have such an impact on acne because they treat the body as a whole. For anybody struggling with persistent acne, I can't recommend Skinade Clear enough. I've seen such great results from it with so many clients. It works by tackling all of the main reasons why we breakout including gut health. It also contains vitamin A to improve skin cell turnover, it's antibacterial and anti inflammatory too. Plus as it treats the whole body, it's great with back acne too.

I hope you have found this useful.

Thank you so much for reading,

Lots of love,

Emmaline x


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