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RECIPE: Skin Boosting Salad

Greens are an essential part of great skincare. We need them for the high vitamin C content, fibre and nutrients to help our skin glow.

Along with red and orange vegetables (which are high in vitamin A and lycopene), this salad is a must if your skin is on the dull side.

Here's the basic recipe

Salad Ingredients (Feel free to mix it up to suit your tastes)

Salad leaves (rocket, watercress, kale, spinach etc)

Plum tomatoes

1 carrot chopped into large chunks

1/4 cucumber (peeled and seeded) chopped into large pieces

handful of fine beans

edamame beans

Simple Dressing:

2 tbsp garlic infused olive oil

1/2 tbsp chilli infused olive oil

1 tsp honey

juice of 1/3 lemon

salt and pepper


  1. Simply toss all the ingredients together with the dressing except the fine beans and the edamame

  2. Fry the fine beans and edamame in a little chilli infused oil with some salt and when you've fried it for a few minutes and the pan is hot, add a splash of water (be careful, it will splash and sizzle!)

  3. Once the beans are cooked, add them to the salad and toss everything altogether

  4. Serve as a side salad or even by itself

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