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RECIPE: Easy Detox Drink


So, there are some days when I'm really good and can drink lots and lots of water - these days are usually when I'm in work! The there are other days when I just forget, don't have the time or simply I guess - I'm just not in the mood!

As a rule, I drink a lot of hot water - like a lot! I don't know why, I think it's something my Nan brought me up on and it just became the 'norm' for me, but I know everybody is different and drinking lots of water can be quite difficult.

In my post the other day, I wrote about how I love the 'Refresh' herbal tea by Pukka and so I thought I would try and make a nice and easy detox drink with it!

Here I have used a large 1 litre Kilner Jar but you can use any large glass or even jug that you like. This can be done with any herbal tea bag too, so don't think this is the only one that works! Why not try different combinations? Maybe add some frozen berries?

The easiest way for me to make it is add boiling water to a tea bag in your large container - maybe just about half a cupful to start with and then let it brew. Maybe add some honey at this point too or rose syrup can be nice to add so it dissolves. Then fill up the rest of the container with water and add some fresh lemon slices. You can also add dried rose petals, fresh mint - whatever works for you.

Then just allow it to brew for a few mins and then drink. I like mine not too cold, but if you want more of an 'ice-tea' style, then add some ice cubes and pop it in the fridge. It tastes so great and its an easy way to hydrate yourself too!

Why not try it for yourself, I find this one is great because it has the detox properties of fennel and peppermint. Or why not try one of their other blends...

Here I have used the Pukka Womankind blend with organic cranberry, rose and sweet vanilla and then added a little rose syrup and a couple of slices of fresh lemon and lime.

These detox drink taste so good and are a very easy way of getting in hydration without it tasting so boring!


Emmaline x

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