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5 Great Products For Winter Skincare

As the cooler months start to draw in, our skincare routine can need a bit of a refresh to suit the weather and lifestyle changes.

With the addition of central heating, cooler walks and sometimes icy temperatures our skin might feel a little parched and dehydrated.

So I thought I would recommend some of my favourite products to introduce to your skincare regimen to give your skin a boost in the coming months. Some of these you might already use and some might be great additions to your product shelf...


A super nourishing cleansing balm, suitable for all skin types. This is great as your first cleanse to remove makeup (even very heavy makeup) and keep your skin hydrated. It will not strip your skin and contains only pure, natural oils.

(from £4, click here to purchase)


One of my new best sellers. This water like product will sink right into your skin and really hydrate it deep down. Due to the tiny hyaluronic acid molecules, they can penetrate deep into the skin to really help plump up the skin. It also helps to make other products penetrate up to 30% better too!

It is a huge bottle (150ml) and you only need 5 drops at a time and so this bottle should last quite a few months if used correctly.

(£84 for 150ml, click here to purchase)


I love this product, especially combined with the Refining Lotion as the two work hand in hand to hydrate and soothe the skin. The Vitamin C serum is a great antioxidant and can help to brighten the skin.

(from £4, click here to purchase)


This is your 'everything-in-one' face mask. It's super quick (only 5 minutes), it's super hydrating, it deep cleanses and exfoliates the skin. Your skin will be left plump and glowy even just after five minutes. One of my all time favourite products.

(from £4, click here to purchase)


This is a great product for anybody who is spending time outdoors. It protects the skin from 'the elements' and helps prevent any redness you can get. So for example, if you go on dog walks, skiing or are travelling to a hot country where you might be out in the heat and then inside in the air con. It's not an SPF but it's great to apply over your sun protection to give you added support.

(from £18 for 20ml, contact me here to purchase)

I hope you have found at least one or two new products to introduce to your skincare regimen.

Thank you so much for reading,

Emmaline x


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