5 Ways To Use My Cleansing Beauty Balm

The Cleansing Beauty Balm has to be one of my all time favourite products. Yes, it might sounds like I'm tooting my own horn a bit as I formulated it and make it myself, but I don't care... it's the best!

Believe it or not, the Cleansing Beauty Balm can have different uses as well. Of course it's amazing at cleansing the face, but here are some other ways it can be used that you might not have thought of...


For those times where you just want to remove your long lasting lipstick or those falsies, the Cleansing Beauty Balm is great for this. Simply massage a small amount onto the lips or the glue on the lashes and the product will simply melt away. If you wish to apply a little warmth as well you can do by pressing a warm flannel onto the area before you remove the balm.