How To Create The Ultimate Sleep Routine

When it comes to sleep I think we are all so different. Some people can easily function on five or six hours sleep, whereas others need a good 8 hours plus just to feel human in the morning.

Whatever your correct sleep amount for you is, the difficult thing sometimes can be actually getting to sleep.

For years, I did like the majority of the population and came home, had my dinner and watched TV until it was time for bed. Then, when I decided to go to bed, I could spend another hour or so scrolling mindlessly through my phone before actually getting to sleep. If anybody asked what my routine was, I would say I didn't have one, when actually I did, it just wasn't a good one!

When it comes to creating routines, it's all about triggering all of the senses to get the mind to switch off. Yes, a nice pillow spray can be good, but imagine not just triggering your sense of smell before bed, but actually triggering all of your senses.