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How To Create The Ultimate Sleep Routine

When it comes to sleep I think we are all so different. Some people can easily function on five or six hours sleep, whereas others need a good 8 hours plus just to feel human in the morning.

Whatever your correct sleep amount for you is, the difficult thing sometimes can be actually getting to sleep.

For years, I did like the majority of the population and came home, had my dinner and watched TV until it was time for bed. Then, when I decided to go to bed, I could spend another hour or so scrolling mindlessly through my phone before actually getting to sleep. If anybody asked what my routine was, I would say I didn't have one, when actually I did, it just wasn't a good one!

When it comes to creating routines, it's all about triggering all of the senses to get the mind to switch off. Yes, a nice pillow spray can be good, but imagine not just triggering your sense of smell before bed, but actually triggering all of your senses.

This is great way to get into a routine and so here are some different ways you can trigger each of your senses before you go to bed. Also, once you get into a routine of this, if you do wake up in the night or don't have time to work on all of the senses, you might be able to just smell an oil blend and it puts you into a sleep mood.


SIGHT - Create a dimly lit environment. Salt lamps are a great way to do this. Turn off all the bright lights in the house around an hour or so before bedtime. Use small table lamps, salt lamps or candles to create a soft lighting. Put your devices away and avoid anything that gives out blue light an hour before bed - especially your phone!

SMELL - Oil burners are a wonderful way to create a beauty smell in your home. I couldn't live without my Calm Botanical Essence to trigger my mind into sleep mode. Pillow mists are also great, lavender filled eye masks can help too.

SOUND - Turn off the TV with loud noises and put on a gentle sleep playlist. Either put this on a portable speaker and let it follow you around the house or maybe sit quiet and do some meditation using the Headspace app to calm the mind.

TASTE - Nothing works better for me than a cup of my Tsui Apothecary 'Time Out' Lifestyle tea to help me sleep. It contains chamomile, lemon balm, lemon verbana plus many others to help calm and soothe the mind after a busy day. I also love my 'Ultimate Bedtime drink' as well when I feel like I need something a little richer.

TOUCH - This is one of the most important things. Your bed should be so comfy and soft that you can easily drift off to sleep as soon as you get in. Treat yourself to some super soft bed linen, maybe a weighted blanket, some uber soft and comfy pajamas and a silk pillowcase and silk eye mask. Trust me, it's worth the investment.

How about a warm bath with relaxing oils? The heat on the body can really help you to sleep.

Can you trigger at least one of each of the senses above to get you into a sleep mode? Creating a routine takes time and effort, but the rewards are wonderful. Why not try and create your own ultimate sleep routine that works for you.

Thank you so much for reading. If you enjoyed this post, why not share it with a friend too.

Lots of love,



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