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How To Take A Skin Detox

We are constantly putting products onto our skin. Some good and maybe some not so much.

Sometimes if we have overindulged perhaps on holiday or just a weekend, we might decide to detox our body by doing some kind of 'cleansing' diet or similar, but have you ever thought about when we have over indulged when it comes to products?

I thought as it's now wedding season, people are starting to take holidays and going to festivals, I think it's a good time to 'detox' our skin. Now obviously we can't 'detox' our skin as such, it can do that by itself. What we can do though is streamline what we are using and also clean out all the bad stuff that might be going on it. Heavy makeup from weddings and parties, lack of proper cleansing at festivals, you know the drill...

Here are some steps to take...


First things first, get rid of all the products that you have in your cupboards and drawers that are old, out of date or have been open a long time. Yes you might have a tube of tret that you bought from a derm three years ago that cost a fortune, but I wouldn't recommend still using it now!

Do you have old face masks or jars that have been open a while? How long have you actually had that bronzer that is the size of a frying pan? Maybe it's time to clear out the old and bring in some new products.


I'm talking about makeup brushes, face sponges and face cloths. Are they new? Do you wash them regularly? Is it time for some new ones?

I love to clean my makeup brushes regularly (every other use and some each time) with this makeup brush cleanser. It's great at getting rid of grime and killing germs on them too.


Double cleanse your skin (ideally using my Double Cleanse) and then do an uplifting face massage to help drain away toxins from the skin. I love to use The Face Oil or The Face Serum and use big, sweeping movements up and out from the centre of the face. Feel for tight areas and gently massage them to loosen off tight muscles. You could even use the Gua Sha Jade Stone or the Face Massager to boost the circulation.

Then apply The Exfoliating Face Mask and leave for five minutes before massaging with wet fingertips for a minute (don't massage if you have very sensitive skin). Finally remove all traces of mask and follow with some Forlle'd Refining Lotion, The Vitamin C Serum and The Face Cream.


For the next few days at least try and not wear too much makeup. Avoid brushes and sponges and just use clean fingertips if you can. I would also recommend just focusing on a tinted SPF and avoid makeup primers too (forever if possible!).

Also, maybe even try putting down your devices. Give your eyes a break from the blue light and screen time. Make sure you have your SPF on every day.


I think most of us know now that our diet can impact our skin as well as our health. Processed foods can be DIRECTLY linked to premature ageing. Eat a healthy, balanced diet without processed sugars, fats and high salts. Avoid the usual things that can trigger skin problems such as fizzy drinks and alcohol and focus on lots of water and herbal teas (just for a few days at least!)


When you decide to start wearing makeup again, make sure your brushes are clean and your products you apply are fresh too. If you've done a clear out and are not too sure where to start again, why not book a consultation with me and we can create a new skincare plan to suit your lifestyle.

Thank you so much for reading,

Lots of love,




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