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The Tea I'm Drinking Right Now

I try and drink as much water as I can throughout the day to help with my skin and also just general health overall.

However, in light of the current climate, I've decided to up the ante a little with this immune boosting tea. Now, I'm not making any claims that this can cure the common cold or beat the flu, but it's a nice way to drink water with some added benefits.

I still love my morning skin and immune booster, but this is an added extra to top me up throughout the day.

Here's the thinking behind it...

PARSLEY - high in antioxidants and acts as a diuretic to help remove toxins and heavy metals out of the body.

MINT - also high in antioxidants and can boost the digestion (keep that gut happy) and freshen breath.

GINGER - anti-inflammatory and warming. Good for cold and flu symptoms

LEMON - high in vitamin C

Now you can serve this hot or cold and just top it up throughout the day if you wish.

This isn't really a recipe as such, but it's how I make mine for one small teapot


- handful of fresh parsley

- handful of fresh mint

- large slice of fresh ginger

- 1 to 2 slices of fresh lemon

- boiled water


Combine all the ingredients together in a teapot/jug and allow to steep for 5 minutes or so.

I hope this adds something a little different to your regular water. We need to keep hydrated at the moment to keep our bodies as healthy as possible.

Hope you're all well and staying safe,

Emmaline x


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