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My Favourite Top 3 Beauty Tools

When it comes to beauty tools, I must say that I am pretty picky to be honest.

There are so many different stones, rollers, machines etc on the market it can be a little overwhelming. Also, what works? Is there anything that is really that good?

Yes there are some that are trends and fads, but there are also some that can really help the appearance of your skin and complexion.

Here are my top three favourites...


I've used this for many years in and out of treatments. I love the way you can actually sculpt your face with it. Jade stones have been used for many years to boost circulation and drain away 'stagnant' blood that might have built up to almost detoxify the skin.

Personally, I love to use it simply to contour my face. I try and use it most days and you can either use it with a face oil or if you're short on time, then use it with your second cleanse (just make sure it's an oil based cleanser or one with plenty of slip - I love my Cleansing Beauty Balm).

The best method is to work from the centre of the face and drain outwards in a sweeping motion. Try not to go back and forth (it's not great for the chi) and always lift upwards. The only time you drain downwards is when you are working the sides of the neck.


I've used LED light therapy for years in my clinic and really love the results. There are plenty of options on the market, but I would recommend trying a face mask version for ease, use it sat in a dark room and on clean skin. I think most brands recommend around 20 minutes a few times a week, but follow the instructions of the one you have.

LED light therapy can help to boost collagen production and also dry out pimples from acne. It's one of those treatments where you might not see an instant result, but over time and consistency it should offer a subtle improvement to the skin.


For those of you who are enjoying using the Gut Sha stone, the facial massager just takes it up a notch where you can incorporate a vibrational therapy whilst massaging the contours of the face. I love to use this on areas of fine lines to help relax muscles and stimulate the blood flow. Like with any massage, always lift upwards and ensure there's enough product on the skin to the tool doesn't drag it at all.

As with anything like this, consistency is key. Facial tools work well if you can use them daily to boost the appearance of the skin.

Why not try one for yourself,

Thank you so much for reading,

Emmaline x


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