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Ok, let's make this a quick one...

I've been drinking The Beauty Chef products for a few years now and absolutely swear by them. In fact, I have a bevvy of clients who also adore them as much as me.

The products themselves do tastes delicious, especially the Inner Beauty Boosts and I think one of my all time favourite ones has to be HYDRATION. What does it do? I guess you could say the clue's in the name!

Think of a Pina Colada type, 'coco-nutty' style drink. It's just divine in my opinion. Plus it's packed with your pre and probiotics for amazing gut health and electrolytes for mega hydration.

You can drink it simply mixed with water or added to a smoothie, but for me, this is my favourite way to drink it...


Juice of half a lime

150ml of sparkling water

Handful of ice cubes

If you fancied an extra zing, you could add a sprig of mint too, but this for me is something I actually look forwards to in the afternoon as much as my matcha in the morning.

Why not try creating your own delicious mocktails with the Inner Beauty Boosts? It's such a great way to get in your probiotics and also another great way to hydrate.

Thank you so much for reading,

Emmaline x


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