What Nutritionists Eat And Avoid For A Healthy Gut

We have another really interesting post this week from our resident Nutritional Councillor, Sharisse. This week it's all about the best and worst foods for a healthy gut.

Sharisse... take it away...!

Gut health is becoming a really popular topic and, as a nutritionist, I see this as great news! By starting to pay more attention to the role that food and lifestyle play in the health of your gut, you begin to improve your overall health.

While awareness is important, it can also lead to information overload - making it hard to know which information is accurate or where you should begin.

If you’ve got symptoms that have you feeling a little (or a lot!) off, start by following what these simple guidelines that nutritionists use to promote a healthy gut.


These are some key foods that I avoid, and recommend my clients avoid, in order to protect the gut and reduce any symptoms:

GLUTEN is important to avoid because it promotes inflammation in the body, affecting the integrity of the lining of the gut, opening the door to leaky gut and other disorders or diseases. Most people have no idea gluten is a problem, but with over 30% of Americans having a gluten sensitivity, it’s worth taking action.