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Your Fix for Dry & Dehydrated Skin

As we're getting into the depths of winter, the heaters are out and the radiators are on, our skin can very easily get dehydrated.

One of the worst things for dry skin is trans-epidermal water loss (I did a full post on it here). It is where the water leaches out of the skin. This can easily happen when our skin barrier is impaired.

Here are my top tips for preventing dry skin and keeping your skin looking super glowy this Winter.


Ideally we double cleanse our skin each evening (especially if we've had makeup on), but we don't want to over do it.

Avoid using any facial brushes to cleanse your face or face wipes as well. I always recommend using a balm cleanser first and then follow with a cream cleanser to get the most effective but gentle result.

We want our skin clean, but not to feel tight or dry straight after cleansing. If you find your face feels very tight, your cleanser might have stripped your skin too much so avoid anything that foams up as these products tend to strip your natural barrier.


Hyaluronic acid can hold a thousand times it's own weight in water. It is a super hydrating for the skin and so really important to have as part of our inner and outer beauty routines.

I love both my Vitamin C Serum and The Face Cream as they are both very hydrating and packed with hyaluronic acid. Layered together they work synergistically to nourish and moisturise the skin. Nimue also have an incredible hyaluronic booster serum and hyaluronic oil to both hydrate and feed the skin too.


I adore the Nimue Element Barrier, especially for cold weather. It really helps to protect your skin from that sudden change in temperature and also extreme temperatures as well. For those of us who are venturing out into the cold on dog walks for example, this is great to prevent the redness we can get across our cheeks.

Similarly, if you are doing a spot of globe trotting and escaping to a warmer climate, the Element Barrier can prevent redness that we can get from extreme heat as well.

Don't get it mixed up with an SPF though, this will help protect and repair your skin's barrier but you still need to wear your SPF underneath as well to protect against the UVA and UVB rays.


I love to finish my skincare routine with a few drops of oil warmed in my hands and then pressed on my face and neck area. I adore The Face Serum as it's super lightweight and also full of active ingredients to improve the cell turnover.

This will provide a final layer of protection to prevent trans-epidermal water loss and dryness. It also works to give a lovely glow to the skin (especially under makeup).


Don't worry, I'm definitely not recommending having a spoonful of your face cream, but I am recommending having lots of omegas and ceramides in your diet. You can supplement hyaluronic acid and ceramides along with omegas quite easily and they can show quite an improvement to your skin.

My favourites are the Skin Moisture Lock and the Skin Omegas. These can be taken together to help smooth and plump out fine lines as well as prevent moisture loss.

Skinade is also an amazing supplement for dry skins because it contains organic flaxseed oil and also can stimulate your body to produce it's own hyaluronic acid as well.

If you tend to struggle with dry and dehydrated skin it's always important to treat it from inside and out to create a 'sandwich effect' and keep the skin nourished.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you've found this useful.

Lots of love,

Emmaline x


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